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  1. MJ54

    Topwater Wood

    Mark - When you mention the spinnerbait wire method, that would be with a through wire set up correct? Sorry, I am new at this. The PVC idea is a good idea. Not sure how thick they make that stuff, so not sure it would work for the topwater I am trying to build. But for thinner baits, that is great idea. Thanks.
  2. MJ54

    Topwater Wood

    Thanks for the comments.
  3. MJ54

    Topwater Wood

    What do you guys recommend for topwater wood type for muskie baits? I have tried a search but every topic seems to have wood in it. My plan is to use screw eyes to hang hooks and am concerned with pull outs. I tried cedar which I have confidence in the screw eyes, but what I have tried tends to run below the surface from weight. Thanks for input.
  4. When you are complete with the final clear coat of epoxy on the bait and you are going to let sit to dry, do you need to have something to rotate the baits or can they just hang? I understand the rotation part, but is it a big deal on the final product?
  5. What is the best way to apply the wood epoxy, like the Devcon 2 ton 30 minute? I have been watching video and have seen a few ways. Most seem to thin it with 20-25% denatured alcohol. Then I have seen some people brush it on with cheap brush or foam brush and then others that were applying it with a rag, similar to how stain can be applied. My personal thought is that brushing would be better as it will give more thickness to the coating than rubbing it into the wood. Is there a better option with the epoxy, or do both work well? Thanks for assistance.
  6. Thanks. I didn't think about that option.
  7. Looking for another pointer on painting. The lure I have attached here is one of my favorite muskie crankbaits. With the ones that I am messing around trying to make, I would like to be able to get a holographic look like this. Is the holographic look done with a paint? I am assuming that the lure gets painted black and then have mesh put over and then paint with holographic paint. Maybe I am wrong. The problem I have, due to lack of experience, is finding the holographic paint. Createx doesn't appear to have it, unless they are calling it something else. My lack of knowledge is my
  8. MJ54

    Air Brush

    I ordered mine last week. The only problem was that I got a notice that they were backordered and delivery was delayed. Didn't tell me when either. Good luck with your order.
  9. How much do you add to thin out the KBS, Titebond 3, Devcon 2 ton, or superglue?
  10. MJ54

    Air Brush Paint

    Thanks again for all the great feedback.
  11. MJ54

    Air Brush Paint

    You are all a tremendous source of information. Very impressed! Few more questions: What is the actual difference in basic Createx and Wicked? Looked at their website and nothing stood out to me. Wondering what people have found as good option through process of coating wood to final product. I have found that almost everyone recommends putting sealer on wood. They use Envirotex or Varethane. After that, do you need a primer coat? I have read some places that leads me to think that you can paint the Createx on the sealer and others that talk about a primer coat, including
  12. Starting out new at this and am looking for the simplest paints to start off. From my search, it sounds like I need to start out with airbrush paint to start off. I am finding Createx and US Art Supply. Are there others, or any that I should stay away from? Best options? I have also read that I need to thin out the paint when I put it in hopper. Is there an actual mix that I should be doing or just the eyeball thing? Seems like people are using lots of different things to thin it as well. Last question on paint. Can you keep building on the paint continuously, or do you need t
  13. MJ54

    Air Brush

    That is a great idea with Hobby Lobby. I am also ordering one of the Royalmax from post above. That will take about a month to get. I was hoping to get started now so that I could try out the baits before ice up. I am really impressed with this group. I have tried to get some info in past on a couple other sites, but I have not had the best of luck getting responses. The people here respond quickly with great info. I am also noticing how creative the people are with painting lures. True artist.
  14. MJ54

    Air Brush

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  15. MJ54

    Air Brush

    What air brushes do you guys recommend? I see a lot of Iwata, but are there less expensive ones for guys just starting out that work fine as well? Thanks.
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