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  1. This is how we do ours. The bags are from ClearBags and I think we had the labels made from Vista Print.
  2. I've caught cats on wooly buggers in a local park lake. Thought I hooked a huge bass at first. I was disappointed.
  3. I have an aluminum mold made by Ross and Custom Bait Molds and it's fantastic. I sent him a 3D model I designed in an AutoCAD program. He imported the file and laid out the mold then sent it to his CNC machine and cut it from a block of aluminum. He actually made me 2 identical molds and then a tail mold for the baits. The molds are single injection port, 8 cavity molds. The tail mold is a 16 cavity mold. The mold shoots great and I will get many thousands of baits from the mold for my company.
  4. Not to mention that the molds for a machine like that are $6k plus!
  5. Hey guys, another new guy here! Sorry to drag up an old post but I came across it while googling the FET tax. Is this tax stacked on top of whatever local sales tax that we have? So, if we have a FET of %10 and we also have a local sales tax of %8.25, they stack, right? It's just going to get rolled into the cost of the product but I'm just trying to wrap my head around it all before we get off the ground.
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