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  1. Check out Lurecraft. They have several open pour molds that are what you desire. From there you’ll have to get creative on what hooks and what you do with them. Plastisol, glitter and or pigment, a few 1 cup glass measuring cups and a microwave specifically for plastic only and you’ll be good to go.
  2. Selling used Doit mold and lot of 400+ hooks for that mold and roughly 500+ eyes for the mold as well. The hooks are mustad 8/0 big game hooks. 60 Degree O’Shaugnessy Jig model # 34184-DT. The eyes are #7 size (9/32) silver prism eyes in packages of 100. Some of the eyes packages are incomplete but close. Everything including shipping for $130. The mustad hooks alone are worth $110. The mold is in good condition. I’ve maybe poured 200-300 jigs with it.
  3. I have it. It’s definitely very soft and solid product
  4. Bait Plastics is solid and there’s several formulas to choose from. Definitely pre heat your mold and don’t get air in the injector. Make sure your plastic is hot enough and sets up all the way or it’s not gonna shoot right.
  5. Hand poured baits get bit. They don’t have to be 100% perfect. Just a thought. You could use a laminate plate for your injection mold Lurecraft sells a plastic dispensing gun. Perhaps that could help with layers but most likely it sounds like practicing and feel is going to get you the results you’re looking for with either method.
  6. Tube mold, injector, Pyrex glass, plastisol and pigment/glitters to start. Gloves and a thermometer might be helping too
  7. I might be able to help you out. What’s the internal diameter of the tubes you’re looking for and are you looking for traditional skirted tubes? Mine are straight
  8. I would like to take up tig welding to get aluminum rods welded to aluminum and or steel. Very light pieces to be joined with minimal pressure on them and small welds. Tac welds would be strong enough to do the job. I know nothing about this but I would like to purchase a used welding kit and take it up as a new hobby. What I do know is I’ll need TIG but as far as what types of welders will accomplish this I have no clue.
  9. What solvents are good to use for cutting/cleaning up plastisol residue?
  10. I’m looking for advice on how to use my riteheat pot to get plastic to temp and avoid degradation. It seems like if I put the plastic in and set it to 350ish it doesn’t quite get to 350ish. It seems like I need to go higher first and then set thermostat. This seems to have potential for overheating and degradation. Im sure I’m doing something wrong. Once I’m at workable plastic, the pot keeps me rocking as long as I need. I stand by and stir as it gels but it seems like without the lid on it just won’t get there at 350. I’m not sure if I put the plastic in, set it and cover it and come back to it later if it is good for it or not.
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