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  1. RedRum

    Presto Spout

    Thanks! I’ve got most the parts for a stir system
  2. Is anybody using a presto with a spout for disbursements of plastic? Any potential issues or good things to know?
  3. I’m probably not good at it but cutting threads screws up the tips when they are locked down
  4. In an effort to produce resin blanks, I get varied results from one blank to the next with really small bubbles that end up almost impossible to sand out or seal over. End results are a silicon mold that reflects that BS! I can’t degass because it sets up to fast. Any ideas on how I can resolve the issue?
  5. I’ve tried that. Works good but the work needs to be done so close together that it heats up too much and breaks the braze. The reality here is that I don’t have the time to learn tig just yet and found that it was much easier and painless to have a welder do it
  6. Check out Lurecraft. They have several open pour molds that are what you desire. From there you’ll have to get creative on what hooks and what you do with them. Plastisol, glitter and or pigment, a few 1 cup glass measuring cups and a microwave specifically for plastic only and you’ll be good to go.
  7. Selling used Doit mold and lot of 400+ hooks for that mold and roughly 500+ eyes for the mold as well. The hooks are mustad 8/0 big game hooks. 60 Degree O’Shaugnessy Jig model # 34184-DT. The eyes are #7 size (9/32) silver prism eyes in packages of 100. Some of the eyes packages are incomplete but close. Everything including shipping for $130. The mustad hooks alone are worth $110. The mold is in good condition. I’ve maybe poured 200-300 jigs with it.
  8. I have it. It’s definitely very soft and solid product
  9. Bait Plastics is solid and there’s several formulas to choose from. Definitely pre heat your mold and don’t get air in the injector. Make sure your plastic is hot enough and sets up all the way or it’s not gonna shoot right.
  10. Hand poured baits get bit. They don’t have to be 100% perfect. Just a thought. You could use a laminate plate for your injection mold Lurecraft sells a plastic dispensing gun. Perhaps that could help with layers but most likely it sounds like practicing and feel is going to get you the results you’re looking for with either method.
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