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  1. RM3

    Vacuum chamber

    You will probably more answers over there.
  2. The Iwata HPCS is an excellent brush and I use it for 70% of my work. Cant say anything about the quality and longevity of the compressor or the quality of the paint in that kit however. good price but if you price out the same brush, a California Air Tools compressor, sprayout pot and a selection of quality paint like Wicked you will be in the same range and have a compressor and paint that is of high quality. As far as cheap blanks go, Cedar Run Outdoors has some good ones, and excellent service
  3. RM3

    Airbrush question

    I don't believe I've ever seen a .o anything nozzle. My brushes are .19 .35 .58, I doubt a .035 would shoot anything but pure liquid. Specs for brush in your link: Specification: Condition:100% Brand New Material: metal Color: As Pictures Shown Feed type: Gravity. Nozzle diameter: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm(optional) Capacity of feed cup: 7CC Size: approx.19*10*3cm/7.5*3.9*1.2in Weight: Approx.152g/5.4oz
  4. RM3

    Airbrush question

    First, the HPCS is very much worth the money. It is NOT going to shoot glitter, however. Brushing on clear gloss or 4030 is an option. I don't know for sure, but something like a Passche VL with the big 1.something needle/nozzle might do it. I have said gun and I may try it this weekend.
  5. So much butthurt, frankly it cracks me up. Anybody on here whining about Farcebook groups and "too many painters" need to just shut up. Probably angry because when they started the help available wasn't as easily attainable.I wonder how much help this forum has been to them over the years? I guess it's OK to get help and info here but no place else on the internet? And as far as the sale pages, THE CREAM RISES TO THE TOP! Plain and simple. Are there a ton of guys doing crappy work? Yes there is, same as before, always been hacks in every business however. There are also a ton of folks putting out some amazing work, hell yes there is. As I said before, the damn cream rises to the top, the hacks sell few and when they do it is at low prices, the quality folks sell plenty at premium prices. crankbaits, jigs, spinnerbaits, plastics etc. Someone brought up "cheap blanks from china", guess what dude, damn near ALL manufactures source the blanks, painting and packaging from China as well, not much to bitch about here either. Well, if there is a bitch its that it all comes from there, and we are responsible for that as a whole, but discussing that issue further is impossible without it getting political. So, my recommendation is, quit the whining and get painting. If your work is good, it will rise to the top too. let the hacks be hacks, they don't sell hardly anything at much of price anyway. Try embracing the shared knowledge and adding to it, instead of whining about it, after all you are on THIS site and I was under the impression that's what this site is about. Its no different on Farcebook, just more of it. Have a wonderful day and try not to be bitter.
  6. If you had your phone, you had the coupon. I always use the coupon off my phone and never print it.
  7. There is, maybe, a third. On a bait with heavy molded in detail like scales, it is possible air could be getting trapped in the grooves in the plastic, and when they release they leave a small unfinished pocket. I was having a problem with some 2.5 square bills looking great while wet and then ending up with a small void or 2 in the finish. I started hitting the baits with a little heat and sice doing that I've not had an issue. the heat releases any bubbles or air pockets.
  8. I always simply hang BSI 30 minute with ZERO issues as long as I don't put an overly thick coat on. Devcon, no, that crap has to always be turned, ends up brittle and yellows way to quick as well. The bigger problem there is speed if you have to do a large number of baits. mixing enough for 2 or three, brushing it on and then mixing again for the next couple could take forever. Something you can dip would speed up the process. KBS is one option, I've never used it because I don't want to deal with the smell or storage issues, acrylic based concrete sealer is another, uv cured epoxy is one I've wanted to try but AlumiUV has been out of stock for a while due to issues with one of their suppliers.
  9. Then quit. Or stop trying to sell your stuff on a public forum. While I agree it is B.S. to ape someone elses paint jobs, it is an inevitable fact of life when you post on a public forum with millions of users. I am a member of several groups on Farcebook and honestly, from what I have seen, the cream rises to the top as far a what sells and for how much on the auction pages. If people are truly copying your patterns and they are truly unique, you are free to use the "implied copyright" part of the law and hire a lawyer to send out cease and desit letters to everyone. Personally, if I notice someone posting a bait that was obviously inspired by my pattern, I take as a compliment and move on. The so-called "custom tackle" business has never been much of one, and the number of folks actually making a living at it is small, very small. So my advice is, paint for the joy of it, sell some if you can, and don't be all butt hurt. After all, I am sure that you, like everyone, started of copying someone else's work until you gained the skills and confidence necessary to become creative and produce your own.
  10. That is incorrect. An original paint pattern is just like a drawing, painting or photograph and carries an implied copyright. The problem lies in enforcement of it. Unless your paint scheme is truly unique and a large company like Strike King or Rapala is the one copying, enforcing you rights to the pattern you produced would not be economically feasible.
  11. Nail polish remover has scents and additives, best to buy acetone from the paint department.
  12. Go back into the cad drawing and add the hook. Manufactures have dimensions on all there hooks.
  13. Needle and nozzle are a set and must be used as such. I do believe a .5 needle/nozzle is available for your brush, check Iwatas website.
  14. Thank you Cadman, pm sent
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