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  1. Needle and nozzle are a set and must be used as such. I do believe a .5 needle/nozzle is available for your brush, check Iwatas website.
  2. Thank you Cadman, pm sent
  3. Smalljaw, I am referring to turned down pins for using the smaller guards in molds that normally use the FG30. I have always liked the smaller weedguards on the Strike King swim jigs around grass and want to start using something similar in my own jigs. BTW, your YouTube videos have really helped me up my game in making jigs. Thank you Sir for taking the time to produce them.
  4. Hey guys, been a long time lurker here and a member for a short while. Gotta say, this forum is the best, regardless of the subject matter tis one is first rate. My question is: I seem to remember someone on here having turned down standard pins from the FG30 size to FG12 size. If so, who was it and does he sell pins?
  5. So often people only post negative reviews of products and services, I would like to say something good. Last week I ordered some items from Midwest Airbrush and the order arrived incomplete. A simple phone call got the matter resolved quickly and without hassle. A mistake was made, it happens, but the speed at which it was resolved showed top shelf customer service in my book. First time ordering from them and it wont be the last.
  6. RM3


    I've been a long time jig maker but am getting started painting cranks and I just bought a California Air Tools compressor and it is amazingly quiet. I am setting up a spray booth in a spare bedroom (advantage of living alone?) and you can barely hear it running right outside the closed door. Can't hear it at all 5' down the hall.
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