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  1. Paul Larson, Thank you very much for your comment! My grandfather was a very witty wonderful writer and cartoonist also ,he loved to draw funny pictures to go along with his writings , he died in 1977 as I recall, I was about 15 when he died and never got a chance to fish with him but he gave me my first fishing poles and tackle boxes full of wonderful surprises and his love for fishing is deep within me and I was the one who always grabbed my pole and ran for the water with it even if I had nothing on the end of it to fish with! Lol he owned a taxidermy and fishing shop in downtown Fenton for many years and I used to love to walk up into town to visit him, his love for fishing and the outdoors was second to his love for the Lord and I'm so glad I came across this article! God bless you and yours. Kim Goforth
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