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  1. Hi. On the first video of the machine, I grind a copy from aluminum. And I already make a copy. On the CNC, I write a program and on it I grind out what I need.
  2. Dave machine can be bought in China and the program can be ordered on site.
  3. Dave here the main thing that you want to create a machine.
  4. Dave, I bought a CNC machine for aliexpress. And a program was written to me by a friend. He put the processing speed into the program.
  5. Yes, you are right. The processing accuracy wants the best. Therefore, I made myself a CNC. The cleaning quality is much better and can withstand all dimensions.
  6. We, too, have made many copiers. There are many solutions, here is one of them.
  7. Hi, I definitely can not answer you. I buy this varnish in Finland. We all use it. I ordered them UV varnish.
  8. Hi, yes, she has been working for a long time.http://www.cabcoatings.fi/muut
  9. Hello everyone. I haven’t visited the site for a long time. Since KBS doesn’t post paint varnish on us. I have to order in Finland. Before that I worked with tar Veratex. and need good ventilation.
  10. Hey . As I understand it, kreatseks paints. And what a varnish to finish. And use ultra violet lighting for a wobbler substance after carrying a varnish.
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