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  1. Bob did confirm he made it for hand pouring and we’re working out getting a new one. Thank you everyone for the help.
  2. It doesn’t work with a blending block or a single injector. Like someone said before I strongly believe the ports are made for hand pouring.
  3. I wanted a top port with individual shoots to make laminates. This way I don’t have a giant spruce that gets trashed. Also, I was thinking the single ports would make a better laminate. Yea, I’m not going to hand pour. Before I placed the orders I specifically asked Bob the different between a side and top injection. No mention the top was going to be cut for hand pouring. Plus his description says top inject or side inject nothing about hand pouring... Just frustration as I waited almost 25-30 days after the order to receive the molds, never bugged them to see where the order was. Guess I’m out of $70 and now the tip mold I have is useless unless I buy another stick mold from him.
  4. Anyone need a stick bait mold ? I’ll sell it cheap.
  5. Well that makes sense now, but hand pouring laminates will be terrible. Reason why I got the top port so I could shoot single shoots. Well that sucks.
  6. I ended up measuring the port size. The 5” sticks ports are anywhere from 1/16 to 1/8 bigger from the other molds I have. I think because of the bigger ports it making the walls in between each port very thin allowing air to get pushed into the ports when shooting.
  7. It’s not the injector , I have four other molds , three custom and another from BTS all fit well. Hopefully bob responds to my email.
  8. Just received my BTS stick mold. I choose to go with the top ports and individual shots. I went to go shoot some today and the ports are too large for the tip of the injector to sit properly. This is causing huge issues when trying to shoot plastic. Also, seems like when i go shoot the second port air gets into the first shot and pushes the plastic out. I clamp the crap out of it. Any suggestions?
  9. Anyone know is there is someone that makes custom crank blank molds? I have some designs I’d like to get into blanks.
  10. Great thanks! My design is different but wanted to know how the action was with a grub body.
  11. Just shooting ideas off and wanted some advice for the board. would a 4” grub with twin paddle tails work? Or just be weird looking. I like th action the paddle tails create and like the simplicity of a grub body. I like frogs but looking for something different.
  12. Looking for some references to get a custom jig mold created. I have hand drawings of what I’m looking for. Just need someone to put it in CAD and then Mill it. also - does anyone know the cost of getting spin cast molds made? I’m trying to figure out the numbers to go from hand pouring to a spin caster.
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