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  1. I recently bought some Devcon 3o minute epoxy. I would like to use it as a top coat for a lure but upon reading the warnings, it said do not breathe in vapors. Since I live in New Hampshire, I can not leave it to cure in my garage because it is colder than the recommended curing temperature. I also can not ventilate my work area because if I open a window it will let the cold 20 degree temps in. Any recommendations on how I can cure this bait while avoiding vapors?
  2. CTBfishing


    This is the third bait I've ever painted. I call it sunapee smelt.
  3. If I'm going fishing I'm going to have these five: -Zman scented paddlers either in gold or smelt color, always on an underspin -Roboworm 3 inch alive shad, has to be margarita mutilator or Aarons magic- a must have for finessing those smallmouths. -Vixen style walking bait in smelt color- won high school state champions with my partner with that bait -Zman finesse trd, a bait that will catch fish anywhere. -Lucky craft slender pointer in a grey ghost color. Notice a pattern... I love my bronzebacks!
  4. CTBfishing


    Those look great! How do you get such a clear pattern on those lures?
  5. I am new to the whole lure painting thing and I was wondering what size eyes you would recommend for using on a small size vixen style walking bait. Here is the link to it: https://cedarrunoutdoors.com/vixen-style-blank-small/ Thank you for your help, Chris.
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