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  1. Yea and that's where I'm struggling. I can find the patent, but I can not find when it was patented, when it ended or should end, etc.
  2. Man I have no clue what I'm missing lol, Ill just stick to the usa distributors, that sounds like my safest bet!
  3. from what I have found, the only patent they still have up to date is their fluke, am I right in this?
  4. sorry for late reply, busy day yesterday, but thank you guys for the good information! will look it up now!
  5. from what I have heard you will not have to dip the eyes because they are bonded together in the mold! and the color change will most likely be from reheating and getting a little too hot.
  6. I have gone there and searched "zoom fluke" and "Kietech swing impact FAT" and have not gotten anything. So I searched up "Yamamoto Senko" because I know they have a patent on their senkos, and still did not get anything. I don't know if I'm searching them wrong or what.
  7. I’m thinking about getting the zoom fluke style mold as well as the kietech swing impact fat style mold. Do these baits have patents on them? I have searched but can’t find anything but saw where zoom had patents on everything. If they do, how do I search for these patents better?
  8. once you do and try them out let me know!
  9. What i the action on these guys like? thinking about getting some
  10. I have a beaver mold and was wondering if there was any way to have the body of the beaver just regular plastic, and the claws of it float in the water so if it is rigged up on the bottom it looks like a craw in defense. The only thing I can think of is shoot the tails with flotation beads and then shoot the bodies without? Just wondering if there is an easier way to do this or if that would work.
  11. man! that looks like a pretty good one, the one I ordered was 10, shouldn't have been so impatient lol.
  12. i ordered a drill mixer and am going to try that way!
  13. How do i go about transferring my plastic from a 5 gallon bucket into smaller 1 gallon containers?
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