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  1. XD oh, I've been hearing alot about football down there, from the couple bears fans at work. Knowing me, I'm sure ill dive off the cliff into this venture
  2. Hey my lure building dudes, Theres a new storefront location near me that's on a very busy area. Its essential a crossroads in northeast Wisconsin of 2 highways. One runs east/west across the entire state. The other is a county highway. They are both high traffic areas with tons of traffic heading north or west to head to the thousands of lakes in northern Wisco. And east to trophy world class walleye, smallmouth and musky fishing on Green bay. I have this idea for a fishing pro shop catering to walleye, musky for alot of the shop, but also bass, and in the winter ice gear and lures. This location is across the parking lot of a very very busy gas station which on fridays is full of rigs coming and going getting gas on the way up to fish for the weekend. at the intersection of the highways and also just outside of town with about 10000 people. And my local area has quite a few lakes. Including one very large one, summer is tourist season here. But ice fishing is very popular. My idea is since I have a little lure buisness already, sell online etc. To incorporate my lure buisness into the shop. And even get molds to do custom soft plastics in house. Per orders, and hell, I could put in a microwave and inject walleye and bass plastics on the spot for guys. Which isnt something I've heard of shops doing before. Do you guys think if I have a shop, while also integrating online sales via, Ebay and amazon, store website. I could make this a successful operation?
  3. Hey all, I've been looking around for these in large quantities. I don't have an issues finding the unweighted ones. But finding the weighted ones has been difficult. Looking for close to 1 oz. Or better. Does anyone know if there's a company similar to do-it that makes a mold for these? Or if anyone knows of anywhere I can buy larger quantities. I have seen some on DHgate but the are smaller ones.
  4. I've actually thought about doing it like that, thanks for the info good sir
  5. Hey, guys I'm working on a design for a musky lure that is based around a very large tube body. And I want to cut a short skirt, problem is any method I've tried is pretty time consuming and looks like garbage. I know you can buy a cutter for small tubes. But does anyone have any ideas of anything out there, maybe not even specifically for lures, because I think I would have found it by now. But maybe a manufacturing tool? Etc. I've been brainstorming an idea using utility knife blades and making something but I'm not sure how to make it work.
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