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  1. desertbird

    Pressure regulator

    thanks for the link chuck! exactly what i needed!
  2. desertbird

    Pressure regulator

    Forward to 1:30 to see the dilemma I have. I know as soon I I release air I am starting off at compressor tank pressure cause I can hear it and see the gauge go to my inline set pressure. ideally i'd like a regulator that has no varying pressure in the air brush line.
  3. desertbird

    Pressure regulator

    It allows me to dial it down, but I have to release air to get it there. When I let off the air the pressure goes back to what is set at the compressor. So it is regulating the air, but I have to release the air first to allow it to come down to what I set it. I also have to release air to set the gauge. I want to be able to dial it to desired pressure and stay there no matter if the air brush is feeding air or not. The regulator I am running is similar to this, but I think max psi is 80: Hope that makes sense. I am running thinned el' cheapo acrylic for the most part as i'm just getting started in the hobby. I also use create pearl, black, silver and white. When I have to do fine lines I back off to 10-8lbs.
  4. desertbird

    Pressure regulator

    I'm running a 30 gal compressor to an inline regulator and filter. I set the compressor down to 40lbs, my inline regulator also shows 40lbs till the airbrush releases air. I can dial down the inline regulator to my desired spray pressure but it always starts at the compressor pressure. Meaning if I dial down the compressor to 30lbs and my inline to 15lbs I have to release the extra pressure in the airbrush line before I can feed the paint at 15lbs. When I stop releasing air it goes back up to 30. So before I start any spraying I have to release air to get a constant 15lb flow, then I can release the paint. Is there an inline regulator that will maintain the desired preset pressure? If I set compressor at 30lbs and dial down the inline to 15lbs always have 15lbs in the airbrush line no matter what the compressor pressure is?
  5. desertbird

    Dev 2ton touch up

    I have a lure turner, I heat the epoxy very gently to get the epoxy to flow and level out. inspect for missing spots before it goes on the turner. When I remove them I find a spot that looks like the epoxy pulled away, maybe oil or something on the bait.
  6. desertbird

    Dev 2ton touch up

    I finished a batch and have a couple that need a little bit of touch up where it's too thin and a spot of the body is not coated as thick. When I tried this before, the touch up spot was noticeable. Meaning it was raised more then the surrounding top coat. Would thinning the dev 2ton help blend a touch up spot into the surrounding top coat? Obviously this is only noticeable to me, i'm sure the fish won't care ;-)
  7. desertbird

    Epoxy question

    I am also new and used dev 2ton to clear my baits. I had 4 baits painted and ready. mixed up enough to do all 4. By the time I got to number 3 I could tell it was hardening and did not put any on. I finished the rest of my baits mixing one at a time. The added benefit of mixing and applying one at a time is that i measured out the exact same about for each application, and ensured they all got all of it. Hit it with heat to smooth it out, remove bubbles and onto the wheel each went.
  8. desertbird

    First Lot and ? about shooting pearlized

    I have to thin them to get them to shoot, problem is seeing how they are shooting. I pretty much guessed, and can see some minor inconsistency. guess that's part of shooting these colors...
  9. Hello, decided to get my ol' airbrush out from over 30 years ago from high school art class (paasche vl-1) and give painting blanks a try. I fish in very clear water and wanted to attempt ghost thread fin with pearlized colors. I think they came out pretty good for my first attempt, but shooting pearlized colors were very challenging. I started with a narrow base of opaque white on the belly with a slight pearlized fad up the side. I realized quickly that I just can not see the pearlized color shooting on the bait, nor how my brush is shooting. I have a bright 3' LED light bar 18" over my shooting surface. I was kinda guessing at how much color was being applied. I had to take the brush to a dark piece of paper, get the patter shooting and move over to the bait quickly. I could not apply air, and release paint. How do folks go about seeing the pattern and how it is laying down paint on the bait with createx pearlized paint mainly light colors? Pearlized silver was the same as white, black was a little easier to see and did not give me as much of a problem.