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  1. This what I use. Holds about a cup when full.
  2. I looked around on eBay and found a science beaker (this idea was a recommendation to me earlier) and use that to store and dip my Clearasol. You can get the beakers taller and narrower so you don't have to keep as much plastisol in them. Initially I was able to find a cheaper "pyrex" copy that was more vertical and used that as well although I'm not convinced it will hold up very long.
  3. If it looks like a piece of hotdog or liver! We used to catch catfish in the Potomac while fishing for smallmouth so I don't see why not. We were using Mepps spinners with buck tails.
  4. My apologies again. Here is a crappy substitute but hopefully you get the idea. By permission from David Williams.
  5. Sorry about that. I tried it and it worked for me, I guess because I'm in the group. Like Keakar said.
  6. Found it on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/100000311057054/videos/2386221631398182/
  7. What are the best alternatives then?
  8. Maybe I'm reading into this too much. Can you explain fluxing the crucible or casting furnace? I'm having some problems with my Lee pot clogging up. I'm not sure if I contaminated it with zinc (I purchase "pure" lead from the local metal recycling place and melt it down into ingots) or am at a too low temperature. Thanks for the info, Joe
  9. I recently (within the last two months) saw a video of a guy dipping mylar in clear plastic in several steps, adding eyes and paint to make a cool soft bait minnow. I can't find it. Anyone have a link for me? Thanks, Joe
  10. joe406

    Warped mold

    I think your problem is going to be difficult. I have very limited experience with wood or metal. With that being said, my guess is that first you will have to figure out which half is warped/bent (if not both). I would also suspect that if the middle is the "high" area, sanding the middle and making the surface a plane that fits the other half is going to be a challenge. Best of luck, please let us know how you get it done. Joe
  11. Great recommendation, thanks! Joe
  12. In the winter sometimes the room I'm working in is in the 30s. I now use a hot plate to preheat the molds and injectors. It has reduced many of the problems I was having.
  13. What is your favorite shrimp bait mold (2"-3")? Is it still made and available? Pictures of samples if you don't mind! Joe
  14. Alright, well maybe that's it. I didn't realize that longer curing would mess up the process. I guess I will dip these to protect the paint that I put on. Thanks for the help, Joe
  15. I finally received and had time to try the SB paint. I gave it time to cure (weeks) and it just rubs off with my thumb. What gives? There's no point in buying the expensive paint if I have to dip it anyway! What am I doing wrong?
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