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  1. So is it necessary to sb clear coat after painting or only if you us the powders? One thing I don't like about the Clearasol is that it adds another layer of plastic and the lures get kind of thick. Yours look good.
  2. I just use basic acrylic paint. It doesn't have the fumes but is not as "permanent" I guess. I'm still experimenting with the painting. When you paint bloodline baits it ends up being a lot of steps and time consuming.
  3. Yeah, thanks. I realized what a stupid question that was after I thought about it, pouring it back in, if I could would be a disaster. I tried dipping today in a narrow glass and it worked pretty well using less that 3/4 of a cup. The bait colors didn't leak into it much so it should be good for a few more dips.
  4. Thanks Mike. I just ordered a beaker that is just over 4 inches tall and holds 3/4 of a cup. Should fit the bill without wasting too much plastic. Joe
  5. Thanks Mark. I'm headed into town and see if I can find a taller thin container to dip. Joe
  6. I appreciate your patience with my basic questions. I'm about to dip about 12 soft baits I painted and will be using Lureworks Clearasol. If I have to mostly fill a 2 cup pyrex cup and use about 1/8 of a cup, what do I do with the rest? Does the paint/soft plastic color bleed into the Clearasol? If not, should I pour it back into the bottle or just sacrifice a cup and leave it there? Will it yellow as I reheat it repeatedly and should I use stabilizer? Thanks, Joe
  7. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I would probably get into some trouble with my wife if I started using the torch where I'm working and have been using the toaster oven but it is just too small. I got a griddle and will try it this week! Joe
  8. I really got my butt handed to me trying to pour without preheating and doing the dual injector. Everything just seems to cool to fast.
  9. I'd be interested in hearing techniques on pre-heating injectors. I am working in a cold environment and oftentimes the plastic is solidifying while I'm still injecting. Besides smaller batches, I'm not sure what to do. All of the videos I watch the plastic seems to stay fluid longer. My target temperature is 350 and right now I'm using MF plastic but my next order is Dead on. For me it is a race to get the injection done. Thanks, Joe
  10. What molds and hooks do you have?


  11. Just poured my first Bloodline laminates with my four and five inch molds. I'm pretty slow and it is time consuming but I'm very happy with the outcome. I chose a patriotic theme for this practice. The lake is still frozen but I tried a five inch one in the river below the dam. With moving water it is a little more difficult to judge action (for me at least). Also, I hate to waste plastic so I ended up reheating many times. The glitter suffered a little.
  12. Alright, I just made my first batch. Mind you, I am a beginner and my only experience so far is with Do It Essential molds. Anyway, I'm super happy with the way they pour and work. I had problems with two of the six eyes on the first run but solved the problem on subsequent batches by pushing the eye in the socket more firmly. No problems after that. The lake is frozen, so I can't give you an "action" report yet, but they are my new favorites. The color changed some on the second and third batches, I think because I added oil. It might also have been from the reheating. The bloodlines were easy and the eyes are soft eyes from Spike it. I'm not sure if I have to dip these or not.
  13. I just bought the mold a few weeks ago but I haven't had a chance to make any yet.
  14. Thanks for the great info! A couple more quick questions. How do you store your plastic that you clear coat the finished lures with? I see the need for a deep container to complete the dip. Do you just leave it in the same container and reheat as needed? In one video I saw the builder using a Lee melting pot. Does he just leave the dip in there when he's not using it? Also, is there a specific/preferred paint for spraying soft plastics? For painting soft tails, it seems that generally white opaque or translucent is best. Do you agree?
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