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  1. They are sending me a new gallon on plastic. Hopefully no problems. Joe
  2. I agree. Very difficult and frustrating. If it is something I'm doing, I hope to correct the issue. Hope you're staying out of China, Joe
  3. Good suggestion, I did this and left a message (after hours). I already received a text in return offering to help. Seems like pretty good customer service. Joe
  4. I agree that I've always seen a distinct turnover with their and other branded plastic. This was like trying to work with water. I just made another batch with the swim bait formula and used my usual thermometer, no problems. I did contact them. Thanks, Joe
  5. I was going to start a new topic but saw this one. I have used Dead On Plastic for my swim baits with no problems. I recently tried their finesse floating formula. When I poured it, it was like water, super thin. The plastic just poured out of the injector as I tried to get it to the molds. It took an exceptionally long time to set and was very messy and sticky. I had severe flashing problems. It got everywhere when I was trying to clean up. I did the following prior to the pour: - poured it into a bucket and mixed it thoroughly with a paint mixer - heated it to 360 degrees, after mixing and with a digital thermometer - I never really noticed the plastic "turn over" - checked that there was no packed plastic on the bottom of the jug - after hours of curing in cold water the baits are firm and not tacky Is this because of the finesse or floating plastic? I know that Dead On hardens at lower temps but I can't really work with it as is. Any suggestions are appreciated as well as recommendations for other plastics. Thanks in advance, Joe
  6. I don't use my Do it injector anymore because of the locking pin. A little too much pressure on the Do It and you pop the nozzle right off.
  7. That pretty much sums up my take as well. I didn't like that any contours and features were "dulled" by the thick cover layer. I was trying to coat painted soft baits but have ended up changing the way I paint instead.
  8. This what I use. Holds about a cup when full.
  9. I looked around on eBay and found a science beaker (this idea was a recommendation to me earlier) and use that to store and dip my Clearasol. You can get the beakers taller and narrower so you don't have to keep as much plastisol in them. Initially I was able to find a cheaper "pyrex" copy that was more vertical and used that as well although I'm not convinced it will hold up very long.
  10. If it looks like a piece of hotdog or liver! We used to catch catfish in the Potomac while fishing for smallmouth so I don't see why not. We were using Mepps spinners with buck tails.
  11. My apologies again. Here is a crappy substitute but hopefully you get the idea. By permission from David Williams.
  12. Sorry about that. I tried it and it worked for me, I guess because I'm in the group. Like Keakar said.
  13. Found it on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/100000311057054/videos/2386221631398182/
  14. What are the best alternatives then?
  15. Maybe I'm reading into this too much. Can you explain fluxing the crucible or casting furnace? I'm having some problems with my Lee pot clogging up. I'm not sure if I contaminated it with zinc (I purchase "pure" lead from the local metal recycling place and melt it down into ingots) or am at a too low temperature. Thanks for the info, Joe
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