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  1. JigsGalore

    A couple Crappie molds

    I have a couple Crappie molds. They are 1.75" Croaker Frog 3 cavity and a Rad Tad 2" 10 cavity. Asking $50 each or $100 for both. Thanks
  2. JigsGalore

    Do it molds

    I have some Do it molds for sale. 1 3 " caney creek croaker, 1 2 " rad tad , 1 3" chub grub ,1 16 strand spike spline needed for chub grub 2 3 " swim shad with original tails 1 laminate plate for the 3" swim shad 1 1.75 caney creek croaker. Pm for price
  3. Thanks I think what I will do is buy a gallon from each and decide. My next question is I've been thinking about buying a degasser vac system and see that bait plastics has them for like $169 but currently dont have that much to spend so are the ones on eBay ok? I am tired of air in my baits so figured I would look into one so would those be o.k. to use? Pretty much looks just like baitplastic one same size pump and everything. Anyway thanks guys
  4. Well I purchased the Green that Bronze Back mentioned I hope it turns out. I am willing to try other brands as well and will definitely keep that in mind. Yeah Dead on Plastix I've been thinking about purchasing for some time now. How bad are air bubbles in that stuff? Also does it come in a actual 5 gallon bucket ?I figure I would just go ahead and purchase there 5 gallon bucket because I would save in the long run rather than buying a one gallon jug $50 when I could get 4 gallon more for $100. Anyway Thanks guys appreciate your help.
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate your help. I definitely am switching plastisol brands. I have been wanting to try to make some June Bug but that green glitter from Do It just don't take reheats very well and after it starts bleeding I'm done with it so it's a waste of time and plastisol using there green glitter. I have no problem with there red glitters I can get several reheats out of there red.
  6. Thanks guys I appreciate the suggestions all very helpful. I use the Do It essential series plastisol and for the life of me I can't keep that stuff from yellowing on me no matter how close I monitor it. I think it's time for a switch and interested in the deadonplastic brand. how bad is bubbles in that plastisol? I get a good bit in the essential series plastisol. I am able to get them all out as I'm very particular about no bubbles in my baits. Anyway thanks guys appreciate all the help.
  7. Hello, I'm new here but not new to soft plastic baits I've been doing for over a year now. Anyway can anyone suggest glitter that can tolerate high heat without bleeding? I currently use Do It glitter but out of all I purchased I really like how the red and black turns out on reheats everything else bleeds. So any other brand should I try that might hold up a bit better? I have reduced my temperature and everything so I have reduced bleeding down some. any good nice looking recipes using the red or black only glitter? I currently use the Do-It Colorant but out of all those bottles I'm only happy with Watermelon and Black and White. I do use MF bleeding Motor Oil and Spike It Chameleon but what are some other great looking Colorants? I know I will probably get a variety of answers here but trying to come up with a good go to color for me is pretty tricky as I am really particular with this. Anyway Thanks for your time and suggestions.
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