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  1. wiseman

    Soft Plastic Cookbook

    does anybody have a recipe that they would like to share for a translucent pink. I was trying to make electric chicken and only came up with bubblegum that has no clearity at all.
  2. wiseman

    Dead on plastix?

    I started using this and still do I have not tried others, but this stuff is nice to work with. I wish they had more colors to choose from. the price is right for someone just stating out. at x-mas I bought 2 gallons @ $21 each, they had a sale! just now ordering some craw and saltwater trying to make some hoochies.
  3. wiseman

    Hoochie lure Mold

    uncle arnie can you make a mold for those bigger? looking for 5-6"
  4. wiseman

    List Of Lure Mold Companies

    anton008 should have checked zeiners could have saved a couple of bucks 29.93. just ordered 2 on sunday 3 day shipping
  5. wiseman

    making a mold

    after making a few durhams molds I have a few tips. use 1/4" carriage head bolts for index, if you push the head down just to the edge of the bolt head, leave until lower half of mold sets up the bolts snap out of the durhams easily and make a very nicely rounded locator. pop your mold halves apart while still warm, this gives you a little time to work on the cavaties ,clean up and cut your vents prior to full set up. I used a piece of plastisol for the sprue, if you use something ridged it better be exactly half way in the mold, the plastisol has a lot of give or stretch easily pulls out when mold has set weather half way in or not without deforming mold. I also used high temp engine paint to seal the mold, let it cure completely or it will stick to the other mold half and peel away. purchase a 25lb tub of durhams it will save money in the long run. 8 lb will yield 2-3 small molds. definitely make the mold thicker, too much is better than a broken mold. all in all durhams is easy to work with. thanks to all that have helped with my endeavor in mold making, I think I will stick with durhams rather than silicone or vac 50, it is cheaper.
  6. wiseman

    making a mold

    the mold turned out good. I did get air bubbles on the lower half but not bad. I tried to work out the air buy placing a vibrating sander on the bottom of the mold box for a few seconds, and the bubbles came to the top that may have been why I got bubbles on the surface of the lower half.I used glue stick for the sprew and copper wire for the gates. I think I should have drilled a hole in the end of the baits for the wire, the heads of the baits were a little deformed from pushing the wire in. I did vent it at the end of the tails, used a file while the mold was still warm. overall this worked pretty good I did shoot it once. the baits came out dull but were the right shape and very little flash. I know I still have to seal the mold with epoxy or engine enamel that should take care of the dullness of the baits. durhams is overall easy to work with, it sets up hard like ceramic. I also drilled the injection port with a 5/8" drill bit while the mold was still warm, I don't think I would want to try it now since it is hard as stone. I want to thank everyone for their input on this subject. I think I have enough info to get to it, and I hope this helps others with their questions. YOU GUYS ARE A GREAT SOURCE OF INFORMATION! THANK YOU!
  7. wiseman

    making a mold

    well, my mold set up. I've got bubbles on the bottom half not terrible. I can't figure out how to paint the model, if it is coated with a mold release.
  8. wiseman

    making a mold

    well, I picked up some durhams! so while i'm off work for x-mas i'm going to try it. here goes nothing.i will let you guys know how it comes out thank you for the info.
  9. wiseman

    making a mold

    mel it's been a while, welcome back! i'm interested in how your molds are done. I can't figure out how to message you so here it is. I believe your molds are silicone? I don't think they have "regular" anymore. they have so many types of silicone. I have used high strength 2 before. do you think I could cast a multi-cavity mold with silicone, one injection port.
  10. wiseman

    hali jig mold?

    does anybody know of a hali jig like mold available? do it's flutter is close, but looking for 3/16,1/4,5/16,3/8 sizes.
  11. wiseman

    hali jig mold?

    does anybody know where I might find a hali style jig mold? do it's flutter mold is close but am looking for smaller sizes 3/16, 1/4,5/16, 3/8.
  12. wiseman

    making a mold

    has anyone tried making their own mold before? I was thinking about trying to do the alumilite vac 50. looks easy enough but $40 to try something, could be a waste of time and money. I have made silicone molds but wanting to try making an injection mold.
  13. wiseman

    BT 698 swimbait, 5” do it fluke molds, and tube cutter

    sorry I just saw that they are sold
  14. wiseman

    BT 698 swimbait, 5” do it fluke molds, and tube cutter

    I know it's a year later but do you still have the 2 do-it fluke molds?