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    High quality round nose pliers

    Just to follow up correction on the tip size for the 125 is 2mm the 140-2.5 the160-3mm. Noticed that Schmitz tools have a round nose that starts at 1.8mm German made but a little more pricey. On there web site model 4331HS22 is on sale for $37 . For the most part I have never heard of anyone using them but looks like a good product.
  2. canuck 2

    High quality round nose pliers

    The tip dia of the 22-01-125 is 1.8mm slightly smaller than the -160 at 2mm. Check the spec sheet to make sure. It will make a slight difference in the size of the end loops you can bend with it. I have the 160 and sometimes would like to be able to make a little tighter/smaller ends while working smaller spinners. Just a preference. Plus I build for larger fish using heavier wire.
  3. canuck 2

    High quality round nose pliers

    Knipex are German made and have worked well for me . Several different sizes to choose from.. worth checking out there web site for prices and to have another choice option.