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  1. Basseducer It is wise to heed your Dr's advise. It is hard to close the door on something creative that has given years of pleasure if there is still juice or a desire to do so. It is how ever fortunate that our craft of tackle making allows for so many other creative and challenging areas for creativity. It is also a huge reminder for all of us to practice our craft as safely as possible. That being said best of health and good luck with opening new doors for your creativity energy.
  2. Thanks Brick Steel for the feed back and for a job well done. That is a sweet paint job there. I can only hope to aspire to your level some day.
  3. Thanks guys for your feed back. Some really great resource sites and information . Cheers
  4. While checking out air brush lure painting videos I noticed several guys with detailed color pics of fish eg bass, pike pickerel etc on their benches. Possibly used as patterns to get the details and proportions/colors right while painting lures. This lead me too the fish painting encyclopedia used by taxidermists. Costly at $200 plus. Is there anything available at a lower price range which can give similar details that would get a guy started into detail lure painting as a guide . Any ideas suggestions welcome . Thanks.
  5. Just to follow up correction on the tip size for the 125 is 2mm the 140-2.5 the160-3mm. Noticed that Schmitz tools have a round nose that starts at 1.8mm German made but a little more pricey. On there web site model 4331HS22 is on sale for $37 . For the most part I have never heard of anyone using them but looks like a good product.
  6. The tip dia of the 22-01-125 is 1.8mm slightly smaller than the -160 at 2mm. Check the spec sheet to make sure. It will make a slight difference in the size of the end loops you can bend with it. I have the 160 and sometimes would like to be able to make a little tighter/smaller ends while working smaller spinners. Just a preference. Plus I build for larger fish using heavier wire.
  7. Knipex are German made and have worked well for me . Several different sizes to choose from.. worth checking out there web site for prices and to have another choice option.
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