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  1. No, but I probably could get my hands on one if I really wanted too. I'm not calling in that favor though, I have no need too.
  2. Got ya, I believe the Doc Irv baits are an old Bear Baits Mold but I could be wrong.
  3. Meant the molds. Did not mean the worm itself. Obviously they could be a custom or a mold cutter who no longer is around or cuts them. It was a simple question about the molds. The color in this case I will say probably aluminum.
  4. Do-it split tail mold. 100% store.do-itmolds.com/Grub-Molds_c_229.html
  5. Buddy went last weekend. Slammed some great fish at the bend. Had one over 8 lbs. Caught 10 over 6, 4 over 5, and then a bunch of 3's. He fished 4 straight days and had a blast. He took pics and released. We made every bait before he left. Craws did the most damage with flukes but he caught 4 nice fish on the bloodline.
  6. Incredible mold, get some great baits and the twin injector can light this thing on fire.
  7. Dave is an awesome man, living nearby I was blessed to be able to run to his shop and pick up small amounts of material when needed. I enjoyed great conversations and learned alot about his start and place in the business. He always made me feel welcomed and helped me with many thoughts or ideas. His illness did start to get the best of him and two major floods did not help. I still have many of his supplies and will regret not being able to go visit him to get more. Not for the supplies really but the visit which meant so much more.
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