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  1. Ryan V


    Simple pike glider
  2. Ryan V


    Simple pike glider
  3. Ryan V


    My first attempt at a bluegill swimbait. I overdid it with the black bars a little and had some bubbles in the clear coat but I don't think the fish will care
  4. Ryan V


    Thank you! I've been really impressed with your work in the gallery
  5. Ryan V


    I've had good success with my baits in the past. Still waiting for ice out on most lakes in Michigan
  6. Ryan V


    Deep diving goby
  7. Deep diving walleye. I've been painting for a little less then a year and this forum has really helped the learning curve.
  8. Ryan V

    4 3/4” Walleye

    Beautiful work What clear coat do you use?
  9. I make wooden baits which would you use cs or kbs?
  10. I tried that last weekend and it almost worked. I was fishing for lakers in 105 fow and it didn't have any cracking but after about an hour water started to get under the clear coat. I think it was just from the water pressure or maybe a small blimish in the clear coat that made it fail. It would probably work fine in shallower water. I had 6 coats of nail polish on maby if I tried a few more coats it'd survive.
  11. I posted this in hard bates for and someone suggested I try posting it here so here it is. I've started making ice fishing lures lately and I've had several of my lures clear coats crack on me when I'm fishing. I'm guessing that its the cold that's making them crack so what I'm wondering is if any of you guys have had something like this happen and what kind of epoxy or resin I should buy that wouldn't crack. I'm fairly new to lure making and I have been using a 30min epoxy from Tracker supply for my clear coats. Any help would be great thanks Ryan
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Plasti-Dip-Performix-12219-Clear/dp/B00I9SK8WK/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=clear+plasti+dip&qid=1551318207&s=gateway&sr=8-2 Is this what your talking about? Because it says in the description that it's easily removable.
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