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  1. I built a small turner using scrap lumber and two 120volt motors I bought from ebay for about $10. I can do (4) lures at a time with this device, which for my operation works fine. The lures rotate at around 4rpm and I brush the epoxy on as they are turning. I use eTex Lite and allow 24hrs for each coat.
  2. Toadman

    cedar baits 2020 2.jpg

    You are a real craftsman from build to finish and an inspiration to us all to remotely achieve what you do!
  3. I have had success with making my own version(s) of the infamous "Hawg Wobbler". I caught (2) muskies during our October tournament in northern Wisconsin using the green one shown below. All component parts are available from Lurepartsonline or Hagens Fishing components catalogs. These have a stainless steel lip and rear prop and really terrific action on the surface. You can tweak the lip for different movements. Great for musky and pike.
  4. Thanks for reposting this!
  5. I have seen Azek PVC decking and trimboard mentioned as a possible use for making baits several times in this and other forums. Being somewhat new to lure making, I have historically used only wood, particularly cedar in all my builds. I fish primarily for Musky. None the less, I am always eager to learn other methods and techniques. Could someone please tell me more about the use of these products (PVC Decking, etc)? Is the process the same, can I still "shape" the product the same way that I currently do? Is the painting and epoxy method(s) the same? Thanks in advance!
  6. lurepartsonline.com janssnetcraft.com hagensfish.com amazon.com I have bought split-rings and hooks from all of the above.
  7. I have a Shimano that is nice and heavy duty, doesn't collapse, works very well. Got it on Amazon.
  8. Chonch12 is absolutely correct, the jig saw that I have came from a local source, the guy couldn't get it to work. I paid $25 for it, complete with 2 extra blades worth that much alone. All that was wrong was the wiring from the on/off switch behind the faceplate had disconnected. It took 5 minutes to fix and I've been using it ever since. I found it on Craigslist.
  9. I found this sander at our local Menards Store and also the jig saw of the same brand. I have been using both of these tools for over 1-year without problems. Good luck and welcome to Lure Building and the best Lure Building website on the planet. There are answers to all your questions here. https://www.menards.com/main/tools/power-tools/sanders/performax-reg-4-3-amp-corded-4x36-belt-disc-sander/rk7866/p-1490250196076-c-10088.htm https://www.menards.com/main/tools/power-tools/power-saws/band-saws/performax-reg-9-band-saw/bs900pm/p-1444443006811-c-1537277164161.htm Note, these are not professional quality type machines, but certainly do the job I am looking for. I use the band saw to cut out the rough shapes, crank bait lips from lexan and even to cut thru 2x4 size lumber. The belt sander is actually a combination belt/disc sander and works very well for shaping the wood. I have been using cedar for my lures so far with great success. Good luck to you!
  10. You can also order this material from Amazon (see link) https://www.amazon.com/Lexan-Sheet-Polycarbonate-Thick-Nominal/dp/B0051X1GVI/ref=pd_cp_328_2/147-1081309-8771002?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0051X1GVI&pd_rd_r=34e6128a-5878-4d30-8035-686bb71b5d7a&pd_rd_w=6zybf&pd_rd_wg=kOqpu&pf_rd_p=0e5324e1-c848-4872-bbd5-5be6baedf80e&pf_rd_r=8N3RZEGEB05N4ZVSNWDX&psc=1&refRID=8N3RZEGEB05N4ZVSNWDX
  11. Check out this drying wheel for 48 lures at a time
  12. Toadman


    Thanks, truth be known, I accidentally put the stencil on upside down, but likes the look and left it as is. The opposite side is right side up, hopefully the muskies that I'm going to catch with it won't mind. Ha
  13. Toadman


    Note I caught 2 muskies on this lure in our fall tournament on the first day. Nothing more exciting than catching fish on something you made yourself! Note the war wounds!!
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