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  1. You can also order this material from Amazon (see link) https://www.amazon.com/Lexan-Sheet-Polycarbonate-Thick-Nominal/dp/B0051X1GVI/ref=pd_cp_328_2/147-1081309-8771002?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0051X1GVI&pd_rd_r=34e6128a-5878-4d30-8035-686bb71b5d7a&pd_rd_w=6zybf&pd_rd_wg=kOqpu&pf_rd_p=0e5324e1-c848-4872-bbd5-5be6baedf80e&pf_rd_r=8N3RZEGEB05N4ZVSNWDX&psc=1&refRID=8N3RZEGEB05N4ZVSNWDX
  2. Check out this drying wheel for 48 lures at a time
  3. Toadman


    Thanks, truth be known, I accidentally put the stencil on upside down, but likes the look and left it as is. The opposite side is right side up, hopefully the muskies that I'm going to catch with it won't mind. Ha
  4. Toadman


    Note I caught 2 muskies on this lure in our fall tournament on the first day. Nothing more exciting than catching fish on something you made yourself! Note the war wounds!!
  5. Toadman


    The perch colored bait started out as a non jointed lure, had terrible action, so I turned it into a wobbler style top water by adding a stainless lip and some screw eyes.
  6. Toadman


    Jr Tiger Musky done using paper stencil, by mistake I put the stripes on upside down on this side. Oh well.
  7. Toadman


    I am partial to perch patterns for some reason
  8. Toadman


    My first attempt at a Northern Pike, not very good - I used a marker and will probably make some sort of stencil for next time.
  9. These lures were both actually "mistakes". Note the stripes on the tiger musky are "upside down" (just on one side) and the topwater bait started out life as a straight un-jointed jerk bait. It had very poor or no action, so I turned it into a jointed top water by cutting the joint, painting the insides black, adding screw eyes and a stainless lip. Hopefully, the fish won't notice. Are they perfect, absolutely not, that's my point. Just experiment, you might surprise yourself.
  10. I use stencils made from a plain piece of paper, but also I would add that you can just paint patterns on using your airbrush freehand. Use your imagination when applying. A perch pattern for instance, can be done free hand. Once you put on the 1st coat of epoxy or clear coat, you will be absolutely amazed at how the colors just pop out at you. IMHO most lure colors/paint schemes are for the fisherman, not the fish. If they catch our eye while perusing the bait shop, we buy them cause they look cool. What does the fish really see and is it more inclined to be attracted by the action then the beauty of the paint? Not sure, but use your imagination and let the painting begin. I have attached a couple of examples of my free hand - the tiger musky is done with paper stencils while the perch topwater is done freehand. Like I said previously, when you first finish painting them, they look blase, but once you put the clear coat or epoxy on, the colors jump out at you and at the fish! Happy Lure Painting!
  11. I use Enviro-tex Lite and a home made lure turner. I mix the 2-part epoxy for a full 5 minutes before using and I also place the bottles of each part in warm water to expedite the mixing process. I brush the mix on with disposable brushes from Amazon on my lure turner and let them turn for 24 hrs. At that point I can remove them and put on hardware as needed. Probably overkill, but it works for me.
  12. Toadman

    Cedar Squarebill Cranks.jpg

    Your painting skills are superb!
  13. Airbrush Cleaner 100 mil Windex (without ammonia) or Glass Plus 150 mil Distilled Water 70 mil Isopropyl alcohol (91%) 10 drops of Glycerin (Available at most drugstores) Paint (Acrylic) Thinner 175 mil Distilled Water 75 mil isopropyl alcohol (91%) 10-15 drops of Glycerin I have been using these for about 1-yr without any problems. These came from a YouTube website, cannot remember who did it, but there are plenty out there using similar mixtures. I buy 250 mil plastic squeeze bottles from Amazon and put marks for the appropriate fill levels of each of the major ingredients (windex, water & alcohol).
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