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  1. Thanks ddl, as of yet untested because of cold weather & frozen water everywhere.
  2. Thanks Mark, that is the way I plan on doing the next ones.
  3. Thanks for all the great advice forum members all, I took my xacto knife, a towel and very carefully began the painful process of trimming off tape and paint without damaging too much of the surface(s). Lesson learned, from now on I will put the lips on after painting (at the least) and maybe after epoxy coating (trial & error). As always, we learn from our mistakes (hopefully) and move forward. It goes without saying, however, that forums like this one save us Newbies years and years of "trial & error" because many of the members have "lived" through these problems before us. I can't say enough about this site!
  4. Thanks woddieb8 for the great info.
  5. Being new to Lure Making and to this site, but eager to learn.., I am curious as to what thickness of Lexan members recommend for 8-10" Muskie Baits. I also have noticed that some are using Stainless material, again, what thickness, advantages or disadvantages?
  6. Thanks for the tip Wayne, not sure what 60 day tape is??
  7. Toadman


    Thanks FishCandy, I am using a forstener bit, but not the deburring bit and I don't have a drill press so I do them by hand. Using deburring bit like you suggest will help get the opening cleared of small wood splinters luke I currently have. I also will experiment with my Dremel tool. Thanks for the great tip and encouragement. God, I love this site!
  8. Thanks Mark, that's what I've been doing, with an xacto knife, very carefully. Live and learn, next time I will clear coat right up to the lip joint after removing the tape mask.
  9. Also, now that I have some lures done by leaving the tape mask on during epoxy, what would people recommend to clean off the residue?
  10. Thanks desertbird, that's what I figured most do. I usually take the safe approach which ended up creating a bit of a mess because the tape and epoxy tend to bond together. I will try this your way next time. Thanks again.
  11. I'm curious as to how and what people use to remove masking tape and excess epoxy from finished lures. I am especially having trouble removing the tape that I wrapped the lexan lips with before epoxy coating. I don't want to damage the finish or scratch the lexan. I am a newbie and find this site and content to be fantastic. Maybe I should be removing tape before epoxy coats and coat lips evenly as part of the finished lure? Thanks for all the great advice in advance.
  12. Toadman

    10 inch perch2.jpg

    Hello All Eyes, couple more questions for you if you don't mind: 1) What type of epoxy are you using? 2) How many coats on this lure? 3) Total weight of the lure? 4) Type of wood you are using? Thanks!
  13. Toadman


    My version of a Fire-tiger pattern. Still got a ways to go with paint.
  14. Toadman


    Another variation of a Burt style Muskie bait.
  15. Toadman


    My first jointed bait using the same pattern as the other Jerkbaits that I made.
  16. Toadman


    My first attempt at creating a Sucker Jerkbait. I used a downloaded pic of an actual live sucker. Need to make stencils for fins and gills similar to what All Eyes does, he's my secret inspirational friend.
  17. Toadman


    Another Bert style Jerkbait in Perch Color, made from Poplar.
  18. Toadman


    This is a Jerkbait of my own design, made from Red Cedar.
  19. Toadman


    My first attempt at Lure Making, modeled after a Burt style Jerkbait. Made from Red Cedar.
  20. Toadman

    10 inch perch2.jpg

    You must be a Muskie Fisherman, too. Where are you located, I thought I saw something that said you were in Canada? Lake of the Woods?? I am just starting out making my own Muskie Baits for personal use. I could only dream of ever getting as good as you are with the paint jobs. These are too pretty to even throw into the water!! I will be posting pictures of my first attempts soon. Thanks for the inspiration!
  21. Toadman

    10 inch baits.jpg

    These are absolutely beautiful. You are truly a gifted artist. I have never seen better detailing. I make my own Muskie Baits, but can't hold a candle to you!
  22. Toadman

    10 inch perch2.jpg

    Very nice, how did you paint the gills, using a stencil, airbrush or by hand?
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