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  1. Ayuh, I'm in New England. Massachusetts here. I've fished the heck out of the Wachusett Res, and I love that body of water. 4 lb smallies, keep going! I got a few state pins out of there , my biggest smallie was at that bridge near the stone church, using a 3 inch perch pattern sinking hard bait. I do occasionally thow a crawdad out there and you can't lose with those. Some of the best spots for the smallies are on the south side of that bridge at the stone church crossroads, and along Rt 70 in W Boylston theres a few pulloffs near the pump house, before you get to the MA Wildlife office. Along the road, the res is pretty shallow, good in early season but keep walking when it gets warm, and go down that abandoned service road at the bend, and you'll have some amazing opportunities going around that inlet. If you're feeling frisky and you can take a bit of a walk, hike your way around that inlet, and along that granite outcropping, and it gets deep and rocky there, I've got some beauties there. Follow that slope around the edge and it opens into another inlet thats crazy rocky with some deep pockets. Wonderful day out. It'll be hard to leave that spot, I tell ya. If you want some lakers or rainbows early season, get to that pump house near the rail trail entrance, off of 140. When that pump house lets go theres some fast, clear cold water from the Quinnepoxet rolling into the res. Fast water! Great for a spoon or a small jig presentation. I got more stories... but that'd get you started I reckon.
  2. RiverDog

    Banjo Minnos

    I've used the Banjo and this is an effective lure. Pretty unique idea, and the rubber band weedless contraption will get you through the slop when chasing down them bucketmouths around the veggies. The downside of the design in my opinion is you do have to get fussy with it and adjust every couple casts, and after a few hits those minnows dont present very well. I'd have to agree that the idea for the design can be jury rigged pretty easily with gear we already have in the kit and a few rubber bands from the office. It'd work pretty good with a rubber worm, really get that bait waggling. Sadly all my Banjo stuff got ripped off at a boat launch back in 03 (never walk away from your tackle!) and I never replaced it. But these are effective baits and the design idea can carry across to your own rigging a bit cheaper. Theres my 2 cents.
  3. I bought it on Ebay, but the company has their own site up, maybe some linkage for a direct purchase there. here's the web addy: www.theepoxyresinstore.com
  4. Oh thats not a bad idea, I'll have to try that.
  5. RiverDog

    RiverDog Lures

    Hand made poplar hard baits, topwater lures, custom bass and surf casting lures.
  6. I am working on some smaller presentation hardbaits, and I was frustrated trying to use the wire, it meant a drill through, or even worse for some designs, cutting the belly open to get the wire and the weight in. With a 2 inch presentation, that was way too much like work. So I decided to go with the screw eyes. No sizes reasonable for the job at any hardware store, thats for sure. Then I ran into a site called Lurepartsonline. They got every size you can imagine, open or closed eye. Also, really good prices. They get you on the shipping a bit, but the stuff is there 3 days after I order it. I've tried getting some from Ebay, overseas, and thats all great if you can wait 4 months to get 2 bucks worth of hardware! Nah.... check out Lurepartsonline, since getting my hardware there I've become a big fan. Good gear, good customer service, fast shipping, and good prices. No, I dont work there, I just really like the stuff they have. Wanted to share the info.
  7. Usually one coat fixes it, on the clearcast. Some of them do need two coats, but its not abig deal, and the 2nd goes on so easy you can be a bit leaner with it.
  8. Nope no lathe... it's deep winter here so instead of being on the rivers, I sit on a milk crate in the barn with some strong coffee and hand whittle these, then sand them. How long does it take to get the sanding done? Way too long. But till the dogwoods bloom I have ht etime to kill so why not. Nothing on TV anyhow, really.
  9. After trying a few different 2 part epoxies, I tried some Clearcast 7000 to seal up the lures and give them that nice glassy finish. I am surprised at the Gorilla Glue 2 part epoxy story, that 5 minute stuff seizes up quick... too quick! You have to race to get it on there before it turns into nose goblins. I've ruined a few nice lures that way for certain. Anyhow the Clearcast 7000 has been my salvation. Takes a while to cure, I leave the lures be for about 3 days then Im okay with handling them. Goes on thick but not so thick it sags, once you feel that brush skating along the surface, you know you have a good coat on. Really great stuff. Another great thing to do with a 2 part if its colder temps, put both bottles in a plastic bag then into a pot, with some warm water. Not boiling, but like bath water, let it marinate in there for a good 10 minutes, then it mixes more easily, and seems to glide on better once you start slathering it on. Hope this helps.
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