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  1. Calli

    Zip Bags

    Thanks a lot! Will check once I get home
  2. Calli

    Zip Bags

    Hi there, I am sure there is such a Topic already out there, but i tried finding it via the search function and it will not give me a result. So here i go again... I have been happily making baits for about a year now and friends and other fishermen have notice and asked to make some for them. Its by far not much, but i consider it to be a fun little sidejob. Anyhow hence I no longer live in the States, I have trouble finding a supplier for Worm zip bag or fishing lure zip bag. Nothing special just like 5" by 3" or 12,5cm by 7,5cm. Is there anyone around here who knows how to help. Living in Germany that is, but shipping cost would not matter much if its not something crazy. Petri
  3. As stated in the Header, i would love to know if any of you fellow plasticjunkies know someone here in Europe. Petri
  4. I used this kind, https://www.amazon.com/OxGord-Pasta-Maker-Machine-Fettuccine/dp/B01COGM5YQ/ref=sr_1_7?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1547846032&sr=1-7&keywords=noodle+maker dont think it really matters but this one is easier to clean.
  5. Ok, yeah I did a batch of used plastics yesterday. Everything worked like a charm. I used a noodle maker to get the plastic cut into tiny pieces. Works very well. I did however notice that the old plastic does smell a lot more than the newer one, since the heat does split the chemical bonds in this stuff,this should be expected. Anyhow all things considered works very well and i got a good brownish yet uv flourescent colour (weak motoroil).Quiet glad i wont have to toss all that plastic away! Petri
  6. Ah gotcha, I would love to keep everything seperated and stored until further use,yet i mostly shot two colors or laminates as its called i believe. By far the best catching here for big Zander/walleye i guess they like the contrast. So all together : 1. Use Heatstabilizer, maybe mix in some fresh plastisol 2. Cut old plastic in as small pieces as possible 3. Reheat gently and stirr more than usual Anything I missed ? Btw love how quick and helpful everyone is around here, should have made an account sooner. Shouldnt just be reading, but participating.
  7. First of thank you for responding so quickly. As i figured, so once we are on the subject you cut the plastic up to increase its area thus heating up more even i suppose ----> heat gets spread around better and doesnt just burn one place. What are your thoughts on using a meatgrinder to turn the plastic into mush ? I do have a lot of it saved and cutting it all with scissors would be time i dont really have :P. Anyhow thank you both already, and as we say here Petri !
  8. Hey there, First of I am a nooby :)). Have been fishing for about 22 years now and finally got into making my own baits. Now I am injecting into molds. Everything works great using a Microwave in the garage etc.. As I dont want to waste any plastic, I do store all the leftovers/baits gone wrong/screwed up batches/ in a plastic bag to reuse. Just to have some brownish color around. As i tried to use it today, I noticed the reused plastic starting to smell a bit. I did heat it up very slowly, not wanting to burn it. Yet well as i started getting to the right Temp. well smell increased and i stopped hence i think it would got worse on me. Now my question: Is there a way to use these leftovers without adding new plastisol and then heating it up? Maybe heat stabilizer? I couldnt find much going thru the forum. Would love to hear from someone with experience when it comes to this matter. Much love and sorry for my bad english as i am from Germany.
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