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  1. Wouldn't you know it. I find a chunk of the labeling this morning after reading some of the responses and its labeled as Plaskolite. I do have Lexan Polycarbonate, but I used a lot more of the Plaskolite than I did lexan. I guess I need to pitch that Acrylic stuff. It's ruined a load of lures.
  2. Hey all, I have been stalking this sight for over a year and spent a large amount of time in the archives researching this topic. I wasn't able to find anything regarding anyone having issues with Lexan bills becoming brittle and breaking. I made a bunch of lures over the course of a year and sealed them with Epoxy. I never coated the bills besides the connection to the lure. The issue I found was the lure bill became brittle after being on the boat or in the tackle box. Does Lexan become less sturdy over time or is it because of the heat when I was cutting them out using a Dremel disc?
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