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  1. The cast aluminum mold i have is only 1 Cavity so what i want to do is make 3 replicas and take to foundry and have them make a mold that has 3 cavities but in 1 mold ( If that makes sense? ) I was told by foundry that the silicone would not be hard enough for it to work correctly.
  2. I have read and read and researched this and didn't see any ideas so i thought i would join here and ask a question Wow I guess no body could help?? This aluminum mold i have is only 1 cavity and i wanted to make a bigger mold . Nobody tried this before?
  3. I have a jig mold that is not made anymore i cannot find one any where, It has a brush guard in it. I was wondering if i could possibly make a duplicate mold of the 1 i have now? Maybe make 2 boxes the same exact size pour maybe silicone or bondo to make mold of it, Then take to my buddy that works in aluminum foundry and have him make a mold of it? I do understand the boxes i make have to be the same . I didnt no what release agent i would need so the bondo or silicone i use will come off the mold without damage. I never did this before but the mold i have now only has 1 cavity in it ad i would like a mold with 2 or 3 cavities . Thanks
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