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  1. Thank you for help and advice, that was exactly what I was looking for!
  2. First of all, I am new to the forum but have been reading the wealth of knowledge on this site for some time now! A few previous threads have mentioned the use of wire weed guards with your modified Do-it Midwest Finesse molds. It looks like many are using single or double wire, coated and non-coated 7 strand leader wire for weedless heads. Hoping you can answer a couple questions on it... 1) What are the benefits of coated vs. non-coated 7 strand in this mold/application? 2) What diameter or lb. test have you found works best for single or double wire? I will be pouring primarily smaller 1/16 - 1/8 oz. heads with lighter wire #2 and #1 hooks for a finesse application. Thank you in advance!
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