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  1. Looking for Bts 4.25 jointed jerk bait mold
  2. Thanks alot I have never added salt to my plastic, so I was really looking for a good starting point to minimize time and product loss.
  3. That worked guys, I had to really lay on the gold to get it right.. thanks
  4. Hey fellas how's it going? I had a question for you pourers. I am pouring my own shakey head worms 4.5 inch straight tail. Question is how much salt should I infuse to get the worm to stand at about 45 degrees, instead of straight up? Any help would be great thanks.
  5. I initially ad ordered the wrong mold the 3.75, so I emailed Bob and asked him to switch it, he got back to me a few hours later and took care of it..great service.
  6. But looks maybe like a cold water option not much action?
  7. SOB looks real as hell tho, reminds me of the time we laid a fake snake in the bottom of the boat to scare the shtt out of a friend of mine... good times...
  8. I did not see the veto craw at angling ai site. I have the double dip 2.75 tube mold josh made and that is a really nice mold as well.
  9. I ordered the 702 craw in 3 inch on Feb 5 and got my mold in the mail today. All I can say is wow, the craftsmanship on this mold is superb. Ol boy did a real solid on this one.
  10. Thanks alot guys.. I'll let yall know how it turns out.
  11. So it would be black with gold flake to get the smoke color? I'm new to color mixing so forgive my ignorance..
  12. Got a screens hot of it. How do you post a picture?
  13. The Texas tea I am after is more like the River Rock baits version.
  14. I have looked everywhere I know to look for this color and can't find it anywhere.. Anyone have a recipe or place to buy The color Texas tea?
  15. Was wondering if anyone knew a good paddetail worm mold? Was looking for something similar to the confidence baits floating birds. I've bought a bunch of those off Jeff, but would like to start pouring g my own.. thanks for any help guys. I am looking at angling ai paddletail worm mold but not sure if there is enough taper toward the tail end to give me tail lift when dead sticked. Anyone own this mold? I chase river smallies 99% of my fishing.
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