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  1. Jimmyjigs

    Limp Flash

    Smalljaws , Thanks for the link. I had never seen that material before. Will have to try some. Jimmyjigs
  2. Jimmyjigs

    Combing Hair

    Smalljaws, I do indeed comb flash materials with a man's comb or small wire brush. It takes some patience but using the side of the comb where the teeth are further apart it eventually combs through. I mostly do this after changing the flash color with a permanent marker.I use the wire brush on the craft fur and the results are special. Hope you didn't think this was a trick question. Appreciate your experience,Jimmyjigs
  3. Jimmyjigs

    Segmented Paddle Tails

    Frank,You are correct that is close. Will look into it . Hope I can fill the segments. Thanks,Jimmyjigs
  4. Jimmyjigs

    Combing Hair

    How does everyone go about combing out hair and fash materials to tame them. Jimmyjigs
  5. Jimmyjigs

    Limp Flash

    Thanks Smalljaw. Never heard of Microlon but it even sounds limp. Jimmyjigs
  6. Jimmyjigs

    Limp Flash

    Which of the flash materials is the limpest? Need something that will move in water. Jimmyjigs
  7. Jimmyjigs

    Segmented Paddle Tails

    alsworms, Here is a pic. The shop owner was Chinese and he thought they were made in China. Jimmyjigs
  8. Jimmyjigs

    Segmented Paddle Tails

    Bought some segmented (accordian style) swim baits from the bargain bin. They are about 4" long. Can't find source? Jimmyjigs
  9. Jimmyjigs

    Powder paint drip?

    Ranger, There is a fine line that you dance when powder painting. I use a single burner propane camp stove and count seconds like Jig Man over the flame(Plus distance held over that flame is always the same). I ad any 2nd color with a small acid brush dipped in powder and tapped from above jig and hold over flame for just a short period of time till it shines. Hope this helps. Jimmyjigs
  10. Jimmyjigs

    clear flash

    Surprise,Surprise! I visited my local Fly Shop and they had the clear Flashabou in stock. It was $5.50 and no postage due! Thanks to everyone who posted and set me on the right path.Jimmyjigs
  11. Jimmyjigs

    Saltwater & Powder Paint

    Thanks Cadman! All good tips,Jimmyjigs
  12. Jimmyjigs

    Saltwater & Powder Paint

    Cadman, You are at the top of your game. Just the bottom(front) of the jig gets dull. Was pretty sure it was the sand,oysters etc. but thought there was a quick & easy solution. Thanks ! If someone requests the epoxy guess I'll use it. Otherwise I'll keep putting the dull ones in a jar of freshwater to take home for re-conditioning. Jimmyjigs
  13. Jimmyjigs

    Permanent Marker 4 Flash

    I have been using a brown or black permanent marker to darken flash material. How long can I expect this to last in saltwater?
  14. Jimmyjigs

    Saltwater & Powder Paint

    Cadman, I have never used Devcon 2 ton.Hada friend finish his jigs with Hobby Lobby Epoxy and they dulled like plastic headlight lenses. How do you dry it? He used an elaborate clock motor turning assembly. Thanks,Jimmyjigs