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  1. Having trouble choosing the correct wire type and gauge to make DIY weedguards.HELP!!!
  2. I may have inadvertently chosen Hard Baits to post this. Here is my question. Some friends are bring me some deer tails to tie jigs with. I thought I would like to dye some. 1) Can I use a Ritt dye? 2)Can I use a permanent marker for smaller amounts? What has been your experience? Thanx,Jimmyjigs
  3. Have some friends bringing me white deer tails for jig tying. I was thinking of dyeing some of them. 1) Can I use like Rit dye? 2) Can i use permanent marker for small amounts?What's been your experience with dyeing deer tails? Thanx guys,Jimmyjigs
  4. Thanks guys. I have used these spring pins before and they work well.You can really get creative with them.I will try to search the old Mr Twister barbed keeper because it seems like the answer for the ElazTec and probably the Gulp too. Jimmyjigs
  5. Yak, I do a lot of fishing in the Gulf and here is how I would break it down,hookwise. First off the mold I use is called many things including the Sparky jig (Barlows) The reason I mention this is because most stand up jigs won't stand up in moving water(TIDES) The hooks used need to be saltwater(Corrosion resistant or treated) or any Black Nickle type coating. You can use regular hooks if you clean after use in freshwater but, usually only for so long.Then the rust sets in. Jimmyjigs
  6. Interesting but was looking for a barbed keeper to push into Gulp and/or ElazTec that rides above the worm hook.
  7. I could use some advice about making(buying) a barbed keeper for tough plastics like ElazTec (Gulp?) This would be mounted above a worm hook to keep the plastic in place.Have used baitholder hook shanks but I have to break the hooks to get them.Help!
  8. Cadman, I have been using the EC 635 and some black nickle and they are both acceptable for my use. Just keeping my options open when I get back to Illinois where I pour. The black nickle just looks sharper,stronger.
  9. Am looking to purchase a JYS-4-A banana jig mold that takes Eagle Claw 635 hooks. Are there any other inexpensive salt water hooks out there. I find most people lose them before any rusting takes place.
  10. Am using what is left of deer hair that has been cut already as a base for flaring the materials put over it (usually flash). I am tying saltwater jigs and use a deer hair base for flare jigs.
  11. I have used a powder from Zeinershttps://www.zeiners.com/doit/powderpaint.html called "Copperhead" Have noticed it slightly changes it's antique finish with more or less heat. Good natural looking head.
  12. fshng2, I took a screen shot of your list.Have never seen so much useful info in one place before. Great!
  13. Thanks guys, Used to use hair conditioner to take the twist out of mono but,never used on the deer hair. Have some tails that were shot in Wisconsin and some were bought. The wild ones would benefit from conditioner.
  14. Thanks fshng2 and toadfrog. I tie these jigs and use clear nail polish and even Hard As Nails. Guess you'd have to call them expendable.And, got my money's worth. And I will keep using the descriptive adjectives!
  15. Saltwater fish eat deer hair and spit the lead out.
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