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  1. I thought about adding some painted cranks to my site and ultimately I just decided what a joke. I don’t wanna be known as a strike king someday for repackaging cheap Chinese stuff with paint job on it. I gotta paint jigs. My main thing is softplastics, however the next step is jigs and lead in general. Now I gotta figure out how to mass paint hundreds of jigs at a time. I don’t do custom. I want to serve fisherman, and frankly there’s only so many effective paint schemes and colors. the crankbait painting is a great hobby. But it’s just to limited.
  2. ZeroBaits

    Cnc soft plastic mold

    I’d be happy to quote you. I got some work I’m currently doing and I’d probably be into that first or second week of February before I could start. This is some of the stuff I’ve been working on recently.
  3. I’m gonna try an oil base I’ve decided. Probably one shot since I’ve got a whole bunch of it somewhere. I wanna use the protec U.V. Clear over the top if I can. My plan is to build stencils by thermo forming something real thin like a straw or a similar material and cutting my stencils. I’ve been told about the eyes quite abit. I have a lot of createx around but I really don’t like the stuff. I think it absolutely sucks to work with.
  4. I have a whole bunch of tungsten I need to paint and I’ll soon have another batch of lead jigs I need to paint after I finish machining the mold. what have you guys found the best way to paint perch stripes is? I was thinking of building some small stencils somehow and air brushing them using createx or one shot. Probably one shot since it’s my go to and will hold up to the oven. Anyone have experience baking createx? any advice I could get would be awesome. I got 5 colors I’d like to do 100 in each on 4 different jigs consistently. here’s a picture of the mold I’m building.
  5. I guess at this point I should build a positive and get a mold going and start playing.
  6. I’m not to big on the silent spooks. The noise seems to make a big difference to me. The one knocker stuff I have seems to work the best though. So it’s finding a way to replicate that cavity without splitting the bait.
  7. That’s what I’ve been thinking today as well. So I’m thinking I’ll probably weight the lure with a big single tungsten or steel ball in a short tube just to get the noise and call it a day.
  8. I’m more into rod building and pouring soft plastics. That’s what I’ve been doing now for awhile. But I started building some buttcaps out of epoxy resin and got to thinking I can build me some spooks. Not that it’s particularly required on a resin cast spook but I’m thinking I’m going to build a wire through spook with a single knocker. I’m thinking reasonably large tungsten ball in a aluminum tube? This would both act as weight transfer to improve casting and create ballast. I’m hoping to mount the system forward enough to get a glide on the spook. I’d like to do a few different sizes over time as well. I think it’s got potential to work out well. Any input would be appreciated. Im going to hopefully start on building a positive for the mold today after work.
  9. Whats the best medium to use to airbrush soft plastics ? I have requests for rainbow pattern tubes and Perch pattern swim baits. The plan on the swim baits is to dual color pour the bait. Light yellow belly with a light green or white back and then lay the stripes down with a stencil add eyes and clear dip them to finish them off. I just don't know what product to use.
  10. Lurecraft or Janns has the crankbait vacuum formed boxes. That's kind of what I've been thinking. I got a feeling that with one of my new swimbaits I'm going to be running into the same issue.
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