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  1. I guess at this point I should build a positive and get a mold going and start playing.
  2. I’m not to big on the silent spooks. The noise seems to make a big difference to me. The one knocker stuff I have seems to work the best though. So it’s finding a way to replicate that cavity without splitting the bait.
  3. That’s what I’ve been thinking today as well. So I’m thinking I’ll probably weight the lure with a big single tungsten or steel ball in a short tube just to get the noise and call it a day.
  4. I’m more into rod building and pouring soft plastics. That’s what I’ve been doing now for awhile. But I started building some buttcaps out of epoxy resin and got to thinking I can build me some spooks. Not that it’s particularly required on a resin cast spook but I’m thinking I’m going to build a wire through spook with a single knocker. I’m thinking reasonably large tungsten ball in a aluminum tube? This would both act as weight transfer to improve casting and create ballast. I’m hoping to mount the system forward enough to get a glide on the spook. I’d like to do a few different sizes over time as well. I think it’s got potential to work out well. Any input would be appreciated. Im going to hopefully start on building a positive for the mold today after work.
  5. Whats the best medium to use to airbrush soft plastics ? I have requests for rainbow pattern tubes and Perch pattern swim baits. The plan on the swim baits is to dual color pour the bait. Light yellow belly with a light green or white back and then lay the stripes down with a stencil add eyes and clear dip them to finish them off. I just don't know what product to use.
  6. Lurecraft or Janns has the crankbait vacuum formed boxes. That's kind of what I've been thinking. I got a feeling that with one of my new swimbaits I'm going to be running into the same issue.
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