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  1. I use createx paint, I can epoxy immediately if I want to and sometimes do
  2. So for me I've only had success with the BSI. I tried envirotex and also some other epoxy which was promoted on this site (cant remember the name), and have had nothing but problems with rippling, running and other issues, I use a turner. I've been chomping at the chance to get out and test these lures to check the action of the bait in the water. The finish of the BSI is great it just doesn't last very long when applying even for a 30 min. epoxy. I've added glitter to the epoxy also which turns out great, so I intend on sticking with BSI unless the lures action just completely goes away and then it'll be back to the drawing board
  3. jkid19

    chrome and gold

    So I've only been using a 2 part epoxy. I've tried envirotex lite along with another one, and all the baits turned out like crap. So going that route shouldn't be a problem
  4. So looking to find out what brand paint you guys are using to airbrush chrome. Has anyone tried to spaz stix brand paint. Also looking to paint in gold, not metallic gold but more of a shiny gold like on a rattle trap. Also is there any additive needed for the paint other then a reducer. Are you guys spraying, dipping, what is your method?
  5. So I bought and started with an Iwata Neo. It seems to shoot ok but I have nothing to compare it to. I do get some splatter issues so I don't know if the paint is to thin or not thin enough, so I'm still working on it. I know that metallic and florescent colors need to be thinned more then opaque colors to be able to pass through the gun. Can anyone share there opinion with there experience with the Neo?
  6. And here's another thing most fluorescent and metallic paints (creatix) need to be thinned more then regular opaque paint. Invest in the reducer
  7. So I started using BSI epoxy, it looks good once it dries but I don't know if it will yellow. I just purchased envirotex because that's what pretty much everyone I've talked to uses. The first bait I tried I didn't mix it as described in the directions and it didn't turn out well even with using a turner. The only baits I've been doing are plastic Has anyone had any experience with the BSI product, it is a 2 part epoxy also.
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