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  1. Will do thanks. Are you just able to mail 2-3 tubes so I can check them out? let me know. Glad I asked on here. Thanks for responding, Jim
  2. Yes your basic 3 1/2” skirted tube, no additional appendages, etc. I will measure inside diameter and get back to you. I can take a couple pics too. Thanks hope we can do this.
  3. Hello, I make primarily Musky Lures. I use a 3 1/2” soft plastic tube in a small Misky spinner I make. My old supplier is out of business. I usually buy in quantities of 30-60 or so. They must be salt free. Only use about 6-7 colors (Black/silver glitter and or gold glitter, junebig, pearl silver glitter, yellow, chartreuse glitter, root beer green/black glitter) Anyone know of a good source, or willing to make them at a reasonable price at thes quantities? Please let me know! Thanks duck
  4. Little sal O might be interested in a sample of about 100, just to see if they suit my needs? Let me know kduck
  5. Hi I use 3 1/2” soft plastic tubes no salt, in a small Misky spinner I make. My main source for bulk tubes is apparently no longer in business. Does anyone no of a good place/manufacturer wholesaler who I could buy bulk 3 1/2” tubes direct from? I only use about 6-7 colors. I would purchase in quantities in the 30/50/100 range (not 1,000’s). Would appreciate any help/direction!! Thanks, Kduck
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