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  1. Definitely should've done that .... lol ... well too late now
  2. Thanks for the feedback .... I think I'm gonna stick with the auto clear as well
  3. So do you find auto clear to be durable for lures? 2 part auto clear ?
  4. So are you still using auto clear ... that's all I've ever used as I paint cars daily and recently started painting lures .... how do you feel about the auto clear for lures?
  5. So I think I just did the beat MIMIC paint job I've done so far ... and I got my order of devcon in .... I don't know should I experiment with devcon on a lure so nice or not ?????? .....
  6. Devocn 2 ton epoxy arrived in the mail today .... painting a lure as I type .... .... We'll see
  7. Devocn is what I got ordered on the way 2 ton epoxy
  8. I only tried that 5 min because that's all I could find locally .... it was a test .... I ordered 30 min I think .... waiting on that in the mail ..... honestly I think Ibe gotten to used to auto body clearing them .... that's my comfort zone .... I wanna experiment tho to see what's best....
  9. How longs it taking to cure ..... granted this was my first attempt using 5 min gorilla epoxy. ... it seems soft to the touch and that was DAYS AGO ...... soft like I can leave a fingernail print in it
  10. Me personally I didnt mix the two ... or put one on top of the other so to say .... I did not like the finish of the createx ... when it dried it was not as glossy ... however I did mix createx 4030 with it so I will be trying it alone again soon without the 4030 additive ..... the epoxy I tried came out good i guess i think I put too much tho it is THICK..... it has gloss tho ... more than the createx gloss top coat mixed with the 4030 additive
  11. Just put some on for the first time like seconds ago ... the gloss is there for now .... did you try it .... what have you found that works for you?
  12. Okay so I tried some 2 part epoxy just to test it out .... I am very pleased with the look but I noticed the rings on the lure got clogged up ...any suggestions on how to prevent that? Also I noticed some dry areas but then again it was my first attempt .... the lure was an older rattle trap that I scuffed and brushed the epoxy on ..... I'm gonna leave it in the sun just to see if it yellows or has any other reaction ... will post updates
  13. Definitely will do .... the spray can is like low budget car clear so it should look the same .... I will update once I attempt them both ... hopefully with pics
  14. The only thing I've used so far is auto clear like what comes on vehicles.... I paint cars for a living .... was going to try createx clear and a UV clear in a spray can to see how that works
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