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  1. Curt-RI I appreciate your response with consideration to “perceived performance” and I definitely agree with the difficulty in it. Maybe an easier way to describe this is to imagine yourself, as a professional fisherman, with all of these lure and fly pics at your disposal prior to a tournament with a wonderful cash prize. If you only had a handful to pick for the tournament, which ones would you pick, and ask yourself why? Therein lies the “perceived performance” criteria. If you already incorporate that into your decision-making, why not make that a category of that criteria. I also understand that this may be getting too involved with the general fun intended for the contest and to keep it more simply as the coolest “looking” lure contest. That is certainly ok (cool) also. Thanks so much for taking the time. You guys/gals are great in doing this. I certainly did not mean any ill criticism, just wanted to create more thought in the matter since we are all wanting to contribute thought-provoking conversation and ideas through this contest. All my best.
  2. I am amazed at the talent of these submittals, especially the painting category. Congrats to all of the winners. You should be proud.
  3. I’d like to suggest another category to your judging criteria. The current criteria is: Overall Appearance Originality Complexity of Construction Quality of Finish I know the combined expertise of the judges must be to the extent that they know what can function on the water. This takes into account ease of use, applied action, and durability. Granted, without actually having it in hand it would be difficult to thoroughly judge these qualities. But experienced anglers do purchase new items online because of perceived performance, a criteria I’d like to suggest considering with the others.
  4. Most pretty flies sell the angler. Few pretty flies have the angler come back for more because of results on the water. The Pinfish Fly is a proven baitfish pattern tied with durable polypropylene fiber and Krystal Flash, both materials that flex in the water. The finished fly is airbrushed with alcohol-based permanent ink that remains durable for the life of the fly.
  5. Hard baits, like other lures and flies, look appealing but may not stack up in performance. My Pop Dart is one of the most versatile lures I have ever used. It is a surface popper, an underwater darter/twitcher with rod tip action and, on a steady retrieve, moves in a side to side sway while it wiggles. This makes it a lure for almost any situation.
  6. This is a convertible 10’ -#5 fly rod for mountain lakes that can adjust down to a 7.5’-#3 mountain stream rod using the smaller supplemental grip. The grips are ergonomic for the hand made from 1/2” sections of cork-colored ethafoam and hand sanded to shape. The rod consists of five sections that can easily be packed into the back country and worn while fishing.
  7. This is a latex poured crab with a felt shell and foam-covered claws. The foam claws rise slightly while underwater. The bottom is weighted with non-toxic wire so that it always lands right-side up.
  8. This is a floating, medium diving, jointed hard bait. It’s dark green back is highlighted with an amber scale outline. The belly is painted pearl.
  9. The Flapping Tail Jig is weedless with a nontoxic head. The lengthy tail undulates in a slow “flapping” motion when going up and down in the water.
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