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  1. Great Color and love the background.
  2. That's a great idea, I could see these lined up on a wall. You could display any thing in these.
  3. Coffin Bill Free hand pattern. Red Hooks
  4. You need an AC tig machine and argon gas. They make small machines for welding thin gauge aluminum but cost is pretty steep. A 200 amp Lincoln or Miller can run around 1800.00 to 3200.00. If you can find a used one I would look at these two brands, Aluminum needs AC and pure argon with a tig torch. If you look on internet there are online video's that teach you every thing you need. If you need to tack small rods 1/4" or larger you can use a mig machine with spool gun. I have the Hobart 190 with spool gun and it works good on 1/16 to 1/4" plate. But if you need anythi
  5. Cliffs Lures


    Lipless green and yellow fluorescent with black stripes.
  6. Cliffs Lures

    Wicked Black

    Createx Wicked Black with holographic pattern. lipless. Home made eyes
  7. Here is what I use. Iwata custom micron CM C Plus. Only had it since Christmas but Really like the extreme detail. Iwata HP CH I am using this more and more for detail and colors. Iwata HP C have had this for almost twenty years use it for base coats and pearls. Iwata HP BCS eclipse. One of my first airbrushes still use it use this when I paint a lot of blanks with base coat, Badger Sotar 2020 I bought this for 60.00 on Amazon Prime just couldn't pass on it. Not my favorite but its Ok. Last is the NEO TRN1. I really like this for heavy bodied paint. Has a wide
  8. My vote would be Iwata HPC Plus. Has a finer needle and a stop adjustment. It will spray a very fine line or medium wide spray pattern. I have the first version and has been great for 20 years. It cost a little more but I think in the long run they are worth the price.
  9. Use opaque for base coats. Use pearls for under coat for effects, Use transparent over pearls or opaque or for fine details like scales. Colors are really for the user to pick. just get what colors you think you need for the lure you want to paint. Green, white, yellow, red, and black would be a start. Just buy a few colors at a time to see what you like. You will have more paint than you need in a few months.
  10. Trying out new colors and made my own eyes with reflective vinyl and epoxy.
  11. I just switched from Wicked to Createx Illustration paint. It goes through airbrush without thinning and dries quickly. The colors are amazing. I painted this yesterday and dipped in KBS after only an hour drying time. This is all illustration colors on this lure. Even base coat.
  12. Cliffs Lures

    UV Pattern

    Black over fluorescent green with glow eyes.
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