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  1. Just got off the phone with Bob and he confirmed both molds will ship out today.
  2. I reached out via email after the first 12 days and got no response. I emailed him again today and will call if that email is also not answered.
  3. I ordered two molds from BTS molds on January 30th when the wait time was at a range with the high end being 12 days i checked back a couple days later and it had went up to 16. It has now been 16 days and I haven't got any type of shipping conformation or updates since the 30th. I had seen that it took people the entire wait time to get their molds but now that the time frame has increased and still not been met I am becoming concerned. Please let me know abut your experiences with BTS molds and how long it took you to get your molds. Thank you in advance.
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