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  1. Had any luck? I placed an order awhile ago and never heard anything. No ship confirmation, no tracking, nothing. I've tried contacting them both through phone and email and no dice with that either. Order on the website seems stuck in "pending". Beginning to worry.
  2. Is there an easy way or has anyone filled in the "do it" letters on their molds so it isn't labeled on the baits? Was thinking of trying to fill it with something like JB weld but unsure if it will handle the temps well.
  3. Today tried laminate style baits using aluminum foil. Turned out pretty good! Tried the green watermelon with chartruese and that didn't look as good, not enough contrast between the two (at least until I get some white to mix with chartruese as suggested) but black on chartruese and black on green watermelon turned out well enough.
  4. I want nothing else than to be able to go play with them! Ice is finally starting to come off, but we've been getting hammered with wind.
  5. Thanks everyone! Continued on today with some green watermelon with black and red flake. Also tried the heat gun trick for some extra shine. The heat gun is gonna take some practice. It goes from nothing is happening to a smooth blob pretty darn quick haha. Most still came out ok.
  6. Thanks to everyone that helped me with the few questions I had before starting. Got round tonight to actually give it a whirl. For my very first time I feel like I did pretty good! Did black with gold and blue flake with a chartruese tail. Had a little extra black so shot a round of just black too. I could use with a bit more chartruese coloring next round. It looked good in the Pyrex but a little too clear after actually pouring. I REALLY need better lighting in my garage. Think I stirred a little too agressively on some with the chartruese as well. But I didn't burn myself, su
  7. Thanks guys! I think that pretty much sums up my first questions. I have already gotten a ir thermometer along with a heat gun at the local harbor frieght. One more quick question - is it OK to do this in a cold environment? I live in a smallish 1 bedroom townhouse and from what I've heard this can give off quite the smell, and I don't want my wife griping about it. I do have a garage, however the outside temp is currently in the high 20's/low 30's. I can set up a space heater but not completely sure how much of a difference it will make in an open garage. Is it worth giving it a go or wi
  8. Hi all, completely new here and first post, but I had been lurking for a week or two. I'm looking in to starting to make my own soft baits. Ive read, searched a lot and watched a lot of videos on youtube. Have a few quick questions which are probably obvious to you guys but I haven't been able to find the answers to. First: hardner and softner. The plastisol I ordered comes in hard, soft, and medium already on its own. With this stuff, do I REALLY need hardner and softner? I understand they may allow me to fine tune, but I'm looking to just start out as simply as possible right now.
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