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  1. Caster Thanks I may be giving you a call soon. Thx chris
  2. Hodgie43

    Lead jigs

    Thanks, went with Rotometals already received 5lbs from them very fast shipping.
  3. Caster, Do you have a site to order Lead from... looking for some for Jig Molds? Cadman recommended you to purchase from! Thanks Chris
  4. Hodgie43

    Lead jigs

    Thank You Cadman, has just found that one on amazon that’s what I need....now where is a reasonable place to purchase the Lead... I have my first purchase from Basspro $27 seems high but unsure any suggestions
  5. Hodgie43

    Lead jigs

    Hello, I’m new to this page and jig making...question is where may I find a small cast iron ladle small enough for the small lead melting pot from Basspro. I ordered on from Basspro and it was as big or bigger than the pot ..
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