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  1. Thanks..thats prolly it..to much black..
  2. Ok..does it take 3 times the glitter when pouring black with flake or am I doing something wrong.. can't get enough the glitter to show up....
  3. Who has used the super soft plastisol from baitplastics... The old hijacker fliptail worm seems to be made from a very soft plastic..Was going to make a worm mold and try it..Just wondering if it will be to soft???
  4. Why do I have hollow spots in some of my senkos... pouring in a do it mold???
  5. Would gorilla wood glue work mixed with water???
  6. What's a good cotton candy mix???
  7. I did they said it wasn't mixed enough. I pour the gallon in a bowl and mixed it with a blender then shook it for 2 or 3 min..baits still feel sticky..I don't know..I don't have time to sit and shake for 15min to pour a few worms
  8. I mixed it up with a hand blender then shook it for 2 or 3 min. Worms still came out sticky..If I gotta shake it that long I don't need it..lol
  9. Anyone else have trouble with this sticky stuff ???
  10. I used 3 or 4 coats clear gloss spray in a can.. Let dry and go over it with 2 or 3 coats clear nail polish... Works good for me. I reseal with nail polish every 8 or 10 pours..
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