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  1. I used to make my on plastisol its really easy just dont have time anymore so expirementing with different brands I like the lure works. I have tried it and do it so far..
  2. Dont reckon any one has done you wrong .I was just asking a question have no intentions of cutting in anyones way haven't even talked to anyone. I am using spke it while we speak. Just a question man didn't know it was cornered my apologies. Knew I should have stayed in the shadows!
  3. What baitjunky is saying I understand. I have used hundreds of additives to tweak my plastisols. It wouldn't be straight off the shelf type thing. Years in R&D you learn some thing's lol.
  4. Thanks for the reply ya before I went that far just wanted to see if there was any interest the way it looks dont think there is.
  5. Got a question I have been pouring my own baits for years. It just so happens I am about a 10 min drive from Calhoun plastics is there an interest in people wanting to buy plastisol or is the market flooded? Not here to step on people toes by no means just curious. I have 25 years in the Thermoplastic and Thermoset business (My Real Job). Would have to option to degas it also. Just wondering if it is waste of my time. I just want to say from a guy that has stood in the shadows all these years and just read the forums but never posted. I sure do value the peoples knowledge here and has helped me many times!
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