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  1. @mark poulson That's so odd that catfish are attacted to it.
  2. I agree, if they say it's EXACTLY the same as the Gary Yamamoto mold, it should be EXACTLY the same. What if your customers demand no logos on your products for some reason? Do-it should definitely mention the logo in their description.
  3. @R Glover Sounds good to me! WD-40 works for everything! Have you ever heard that WD-40 is a good fish attractant? I don't recommend it for that since it's probably bad for the water but some people swear by it lol. Thanks for the tip.
  4. @Frank I understand, a lot of things are illegal in California that isn't illegal in other states. It's odd. I'll check my local auto shop for it. Thanks for the tip!
  5. @Frank Thanks for the tip but I wonder why it's not legal lol. I try to stay away from harsh chemicals, especially in this hobby where we already have to deal with plastisol.
  6. @Fishermanbt Nice, I like keeping my equipment clean and ready to go as well. I clean/lube my injectors too. These molds and injectors are not cheap!
  7. @Jig Man Thanks brother! Less injection pressure fixed it 95%.
  8. @CNC Molds N Stuff One of my molds are flashing more than I remember (it always had a little bit of flashing). I'm wondering if I clean it, it will fix the flashing but probably not lol. I'm also just wanting to keep my molds clean and rust/corrosion free. I love my molds
  9. @Jig ManThanks Jig Man, I'll try the alcohol solution.
  10. Hello, I was wondering how everyone cleans their aluminum molds. Do you oil/lube them after? Thank you.
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