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  1. Is there a way to mold a specific lure (KVD bull worm)? I cant find any molds that are close so I was thinking about maybe plaster Paris but needs more experienced advice on the best way
  2. I have hardener but wasnt sure how much to add to 4oz of plastic or when. I'm just going to get a microwave for the garage.
  3. I bought 2 pyrex cups also to use the microwave but I figured the burner would be easier to keep an eye on the temps with. Only made one batch since the plastic kept dripping down the side and starting a fire. I dint recommend that method to newbies lol
  4. Ok thanks. I figured the some was just from it getting hot. I stir it with the thermometer needle but it seems to jump around on temp since the burner goes on and off
  5. Heated it in a bunsen burner and the temps would get to 320 then drop then back up. It started steaming and smelling burnt and now its yellow with a glob in the middle that wont mix in
  6. I'm using a bunsen burner since I feel like I can monitor the temps each second til I find the right temp that works. I heated it to fast and it got to 370 and I poured and let it cure. They came out way too soft. Is that from over heating?
  7. So I have my quart of liquid plastic, molds, injector and coloring along with the heating supplies. Can I just heat up the plastic and add color or is there something else to add to make it solid?
  8. Awesome good to know. The plastic ones are way cheaper but I feel like it's for a reason. Thanks guy
  9. So I'm about to start making some plastics and not sure of a few things... The first question is plastic vs aluminum molds. Is there a difference besides price on which one will be more durable? And the next question is about plastics. Is there a difference in brand? I know you can get soft or extra strength which will have less movement.
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