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  1. Probably depends on which type of bait. I’m doing pullbaits so they can be pretty firm. Swimbaits start to suck if u get them too stiff. At least that’s what I’ve noticed. I ordered lure raft hybrid between saltwater and regular, it was wayyyy to soft. Not even close to the hardness of the regular alumisol. I just called alimisol and got them to send me more in bulk, rather than burn money experimenting.
  2. I’m pouring my own musky baits. I’ve been using Alumisol and am fairly pleased with the result I get. I wouldn’t mind if it was a touch harder and it’s a little inconsistent but the main problem is I can’t order it in bulk so I’m looking to switch. The dead on Plastix look nice but I don’t like that their saltwater brand sinks. I like that the alimisol floats so once I weight it for the keel I still have nice hangtime. Looking for a plastisol that is tough enough but still floats. Anyone have a good blend recommendation. Also not interested in using additives, I wanna find something I can use outta the container.
  3. Rpc

    Mold help

    I can’t get a picture to upload. If u can’t follow my crappy explanation without a visual pm me on Facebook Ryan painter customs haha
  4. Rpc

    Mold help

    So I’m about to make a mold of a catfish lure I made. I’m having doubts and I don’t wanna pour and waste my silicone before I get a second opinion. I’ll upload pics of the master. I was going to two a 2 piece mold like u see done using clay and building up the first half, pouring, removing clay and pouring 2nd half. Due to the whiskers I put on the catfish I was going to split the mold in half’s vertically on the mold instead of horizontally. Now I’m thinking I’ll have an ugly seam line along the sides of the bait instead of the top and bottom where it doesn’t show as much. Wondering if I keep the edge super clean I can avoid this problem. If I flip it and do it horizontally I will struggle to demold the whiskers and I’ll have to use a lot of extra silicone on the sides.
  5. Rpc

    Soft plastic molds

    Sounds like I’d be better off to buy the pricey paints and just paint them before I went through all that. Appreciate the help though!
  6. Rpc

    Soft plastic molds

    Yeah I looked into it. I still don’t really like how u don’t have a lot of control over the levels. With the dual injectors it’s just 50/50 split. I was looking more at doing most of the body 1 color and just a skim of white for a base. I guess to accomplish this it has to be open pour. I guess as long as I’m careful with the mold and the master quality should still be good.
  7. Rpc

    Soft plastic molds

    Thanks mark I’ll do some digging!
  8. Need some advice. A week ago I got the idea to start pouring baits. I’ve been working with wood for a while but i want to get into soft plastics. I’ve been doing tons of research and I think I’ve got most of it figured out I just wanted some clarification on mold design before I jump into it. I’d like to be able to pour my baits in layers of different colors, this would be easy to achieve with an open pour mold. I was wanting to do injection for better quality but not exactly sure how you could pour in layers. You could have the injection tube in the top of the bait but then it’s a guessing game on when to stop pouring between layers because you can’t demold to see where your at. Let me know if I’m right in my thinking and any advice would be appreciated. If there’s away to accomplish this with injection molds I just haven’t found the right thread or YouTube video to show me how yet haha.
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