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  1. I use the same resin, i pour part A and part B in a cup, add microballons, mix for approx 30 seconds or so and that will leave you about a minute and a half to pour which should be plenty of time. I poured several .40 oz part A, .40 part B, and 2 scoops of MB, they turned out really well, no soft spots using that method
  2. Vodkaman, i was able to use your calculator on my first ever pours this morning. I got a sinking, very slow sinking, and floating flat sided crankbait with only adding a very small amount of lead to stabilize it! Super awesome and easy to use! Seriously one of the most helpful tools I’ve come across since i started making baits!
  3. Good to know! And from an active duty to a vet, thank you for paving the way! jake
  4. Used your spreadsheet today on some flat sided crank baits, got one that sinks fast, one that just barely flutters down, and one that floats! Thank you so much for the sheet and it really is easy to use! jake
  5. I wish! Lol i live on post so my “workshop” is two folding tables on the front porch, a few tools, an airbrush, and a bunch of paint lol. But i just order some diamond clear coat and I’ve heard of people dipping that and hanging a wire off the bottom to keep it from pooling so i think I’ll give that a try and see how it goes!
  6. How long do you rotate it for?
  7. Has anyone had success with this? I don’t have a turner, and being military and about a month away from deploying i can’t justify buying the parts to build one atm, so i have been clear coating my baits with urethane. I only started making baits a month ago or so and haven’t been able to see how long this method holds up. I’m hoping maybe some others have tried this?
  8. Thanks guys, i guess I’ll just make a bunch with different ratios and see how it goes. Do you guys often end up pouring led in yours? This is my first time pouring resin, i usually just hand carve but wanted to try this out.
  9. Does anyone have a little cheat sheet for resin:micro balloon ratios? I’d like to be able to make suspending or slow rising lures without adding weight, but i can’t seem to find/get the ratio correct
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