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    Sorry not sure why. I know this was a while back, but if still interested in any molds, you can reach me at camcutprecision@yahoo.ca or call or text at 905 252 8541. Thanks Ryan
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    I have started a small CNC milling business, specializing in the manufacture of custom molds for soft baits, lead molds and other hard resins. I was wondering if their might be any interest from the site for this type of service? From a hand sketch or idea, we can create a CAD model of your bait for approval. Once final model is approved, we can begin mold design and machining to your specs. Capabilities include 3 axis high speed machining with 12" X 10" X 12" travels, 30000 RPM and probing. Please contact for any additional info. Thank you. Ryan camcutprecision@yahoo.ca
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