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    Hello, Thanks for your response!. The cost of a custom mold really does depend a lot on the shape and size of the cavities. Fine details can require a tiny cutter that takes longer to machine, whereas a less detailed bait can use larger cutters , reducing time. I also wondered if you had a CAD model of the bait you would like machined. If not the design of the actual bait would need to be done as well, and again ,it really depends on the complexity of the model. A 5 cavity of the above bait in 6061 aluminum would be approx. $475 Can. I would really need to get a better look at the model to be accurate. Not a cheap option for the average fisher, making baits for personal use, and most customers usually have small business selling their product. This is also most useful for a truly customized design as the more mass produced molds are a lot more economical, as the same mold will be machined many times.Please let me know if any other questions. Thanks Ryan
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    Sorry not sure why. I know this was a while back, but if still interested in any molds, you can reach me at camcutprecision@yahoo.ca or call or text at 905 252 8541. Thanks Ryan
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    I have started a small CNC milling business, specializing in the manufacture of custom molds for soft baits, lead molds and other hard resins. I was wondering if their might be any interest from the site for this type of service? From a hand sketch or idea, we can create a CAD model of your bait for approval. Once final model is approved, we can begin mold design and machining to your specs. Capabilities include 3 axis high speed machining with 12" X 10" X 12" travels, 30000 RPM and probing. Please contact for any additional info. Thank you. Ryan camcutprecision@yahoo.ca
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