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  1. i have seen a lot of posts talking about using pigment powders recently and was just wondering if anybody has made their own liquid colorant/dye while using these powders?? if so what did you mix the powder with (specifically which oil)?? i have seen some post about linseed oil and other vegetable oils but im not sure how they will turn out. i have the pigment powders but i want to be able to use them as drops like normal colorant instead of quantities of the powder. thanks in advance.
  2. Update: Made 6 sets last night injection at 290-300 and removing the worms after 3 minutes (instead of my usual 10) I didn't have one dent in my first 4 sets and only 1 out of 4 had one on my last 2 sets which I believe was due to the mold getting warm and me not waiting long enough to take them out....I'm going to go ahead and say my case and say I was injecting too hot and waiting to long to remove from the mold. Thanks for all you insight everybody.
  3. I will report back later tonight when I give it another test, I was waiting 10 minutes to just be on the safe side lol. I will take out at 2 minutes and see what results that gives me and go down from there.
  4. Seems like a simple test, how long do you typically wait before removing them, I'm never in any type of rush and usually wait about 10 minutes.
  5. Guess I'll just go with trial and error and see if I can get a pattern....
  6. New here great forum can't wait to learn a bunch of stuff from everybody, I do have a quick question I just got my first mold (5" senkos do-it essential) I have made about 10 sets now and every so often some of the worms have dents in them. I have read this could be due to injecting to hot/fast or clamps in certain spots, it typically happens towards the back end of the worm..any help with be appreciated. Injecting these in the pictures at 330, but I have injected at 345-350 and ended up with dents as well...also I am topping off at the end. Using the soft plastic(152) from baitplastic.com if that helps
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