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  1. Interested in making 5.25 stick baits (senkos). The only tip/tail mold i have found is a 20 cavity from bts molds but i see that their senko mold is the true senko size at 5.00 inches. My question is, would the tip mold for the 5 inch senko be compatible with another manufacturers 5.25 stick bait mold??? What molds are you folks using for your colored tip senkos?
  2. ohh yea, that lurecraft mold is exactly what I was looking for thx
  3. can anyone recommend where to find a good pit boss mold or knock off?
  4. I am familiar with BTS and Do it but does Enforcer, Angling and Al have websites?
  5. Well from the comments i have seen it seems like calhouns would suit my needs. Any idea where i can find it??
  6. New to forum and want to get started making my own senkos at first. I have broader horizons after i get my feet wet. Been using the search tool all day for advice for retailers to purchase supplies from but all i get is old posts for companies that no longer have a web site or no longer sell products that were describes 5 years ago.... Is calhouns still the prefered plastic for shooting senkos? If so, where do you get it??? Any ome have a good recipe for senkos??? I apologize if this is an annoyance to experienced people but all of my research is ending up with dead ends. Any help will be very appreciated. Thx
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