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  1. Thanks guys, next question. With these new alloys, does the slag break off like lead, or does it need to be cut off? I have ordered the release spray...
  2. HI Will, Thanks for your input, much appreciated! I usually coat my molds with soot from a candle. Do you think this will be sufficient, or is the spray worth it. I already bought some of the lead free 88/12, as well as some tin as I already bought pure bismuth. I will pour a 75/25 to use up what I have, then stick with the 88/12. I have about a thousand 3/o Owner needle point round jig heads I have been sitting on for years. I modified my do it molds to handle them or gami's. I also hand file my ball head molds to produce a longer keeper barb. One of my favorite molds is a 1/8 oz ball head with a 3/0 owner hook... fish get hooked just looking at it, lol. I also had a custom spider jig mold made, not sure of weight, I use it in 25ft+ vertical jigging for smallies. I had a conversation with Keith Kline the other day, we talked fishing and when I talked about pouring he really came alive, I think he misses it.
  3. Hi Everyone, I used to fish tournaments and stopped for about 10 years for the kids... I made my own jig heads with a lee production pot for many years, but here in New England lead is worse than the Taliban... I would like to know if anyone else has tried to go lead free and still pour with their pots that had lead in them. I have bought some tin and bismouth and an alloy from Rotometals that is "lead free". My plan is to pour the remaining lead I have into egg sinkers that are above the lead restrictions, then start pouring smaller jigs with the new metals. I know the pot will probably always have some lead residue... Has anyone else gone through this process? Any tips/tricks, suggestions?
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