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  1. What all’s left brother
  2. You guys are awesome I’m just getting into the making my own molds game have a small soft plastics bait deal in my local area that’s doing really well and all my guys keep asking for stuff I can’t find molds for and I watched his vid on you tube and am hooked thanks so much and the the comment of useing a worm sinker with a spinner bait wire you guys are awesome again thanks I’m really glad I joined tackle underground
  3. Man did I stumble upon a gem here wow so just like you guys I’ve been looking for a good true 4 inch grub and I just was looking into the c block from angling al but now I will look closer at his grub mold too I’m very picky the first mold I got I paid a lot for and I hate it now it’s a paper weight so but I just became a member of the underground today and I can tell it’s going to help me already
  4. Love this guys just got into the soft plastics game about a year ago had a older friend hand down a bunch of stuff too me most of it was great some was just older molds that don’t sell well and I have a ton of Del Mar hand pours I wish I would of came across a list like this I’ve been digging and looking and I get most of my new molds from baitjunkys there super quick I order 3 days the mold is at my door but bobs is a great co too along with Lurecraft there all good it’s just baitjunkys really stood out to me thanks I will check out all the company’s I’ve never seen before
  5. High rock is gone now tried for a week to locate them and there closed
  6. Hey guys I live in Huntingdon five mins from raystown Kind of a rookie when it comes to stripper fishin due too I hate trolling but the lure you speak of is legendary you drill and put lead in it too keep it down and wow you need salt gear the way the smallys and strippers hammer that bad boy I know it’s been a few years since this post was up but I’ve been looking for them they are very hard to find it don’t really even matter the color or size truly it’s just the way they roll in the water is great tight lines guys
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