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  1. Well since i started fishing this bait. I have caught numerous pike on it. And lost an easy over 20 lb pike last night. 2 feet from shore. Was heart broken he got off i really needed a picture of a catch like that on my baits.
  2. Musky/ northern pike/walleye or large mouth bass. Anything big enough to take it i suppose. Its a surface glide bait 7 and 3/4 inches long just under 7 oz. 5 coats of industrial strength 2 part epoxy not etex. 308 L stainless steel through wire good for salt water application. Hand made hand poured hand painted eyes. Split rings rated to 60 pounds and the trebles rated to 80. So by chance it gets really snagged good split ring should stretch and realease the bait if sufficant line in being used.
  3. I do my best to get as realistic as i can. As the not realistic paint scemes come easy for me. Then again i have been an artist i was little. Sold pencil crayin scetches at 12 and 14 years old for a couple hundred bucks.
  4. I have never had issues with a through wire and ballast weight fightung for space but then again i do make mine a bit differant then others. As i channel cut a spot for my through wire. Then put un the ballast weight after the through wire has been installed works good for me on all size wood baits. Its alot.of extra work and money for the epoxy fills bit the quality and hold cant be matched.
  5. It did and thank you for your help and time much appreciated.
  6. I still make all my own baits hand carved hand painted i even make the eyes the bills and the through wire all by hand.
  7. Bigpigbaits


    Oops this was sopposed to be posted to the nest homemade hard baits contest. Can some one five me some guidance on how to do that.
  8. New here and i am having issues posting pics to the lure contest. Can someone help guide me so i can post pics and become a contributing member to the site.
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