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    I am newer to this but my 2 cents is buy quality. I was practicing with garbage paints that came as a "free sample" with my IWATA and was getting very frustrated. I purchased some high quality Createx and Wicked paints and it was really night and day. I cannot give you much advice on brands other than those 2 (wicked is made by createx) but like I said just make sure you get something of quality or you will be frustrated quickly like I was.
  2. What is crazy is what some will pay for a real Rapula bait just repainted. That blows my mind. I don't know why more people do not just repaint, knowing the quality is so high and the name brand is there for backing
  3. Chonch12

    Lead Pot

    Looking for a used Lead Pot that someone may not be using anymore. I will be buying a new one in a few months but figured I would check here first. I do not need anything very large or special just a basic small lead pot. Thanks!
  4. Using them to seal wooden lures. Like you stated. SO you can get a few lures sealed per bottle? That is a pretty smart idea so the larger amount doesn't harden or go bad.
  5. Found some on Amazon: Bob Smith 103 Insta-Cure 2oz Super Thin - $10/bottle on Amazon Starbond EM-02 Super Fast Thin, Premium Instant CA (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive) Super Glue - 2 oz - $10.75/bottle Any other choices or better places to buy? Use is to Seal wooden lures mainly.
  6. just wanted to give my 2 cents. I am very new to lure building and painting. I purchased the big combo Air Compressor, IWATA from Amazon. It came with a small set of paints. I tried them about 5-6 times and was getting terrible results, I thought I was just downright awful at painting. I was very fortunate and found some Createx and Wicked paint sets at a great price all new. Talk about night and day when it comes to painting with nice paints compared to the cheap ones that came in the kit I bought. Literally blown away. I have no idea about other brands, but I will say the there is an incredible difference when comparing the super cheap paint to more expensive paint.
  7. Came across this post and wanted to say I am 30 and just got into custom lure building. I will say Marling Baits on YouTube is the main reason. I will have a ton of time this winter and have started acquiring tools. I will say FB Marketplace and LetGo has been incredible in getting the more expensive tools super cheap. I am going to make a post with everything I have so far to see if i am missing anything. I made my first one quickly this weekend eyeballing it to see how the tools work. Its so satisfying. I didn't even put the hooks on yet, can't even imagine catching my first fish on a homemade lure. Just wanted to say I love this forum for all of the tips. look forward to having a very enjoyable hobby this winter to really learn and make something that I can be proud of, from the design to the painting.
  8. What is CA super glue compared to sunny superglue?
  9. Thank you for the reply. I didnt realize that was such a box of worms to open. I will do some more reading on here. One question, what about sealing? Is super glue just the fastest, or can I use a decent poly dip that will seal it prior to painting. There is so much information on wood and painting but not much on sealing.
  10. Hello, I am rather new to painting and lure building in general. I learned so many great tips on here, much appreciated. I recently was able to get my hands on a nice belt sander, just need to clean it up. Facebook Marketplace has been an incredible place for some cheap used power tools! Also I was able to upgrade my paints from the super basic ones that came with my IWATA and compressor kit from Amazon. I bought a HUGE lot off of a former commercial artist who had a ton of Createx and Wicked paints brand new, I was very fortunate. He didn't want to break the lot and gave me everything he had. (FYI I listed a lot of Brand new bottles and sets in the classifieds since I don't need so many duplicates for what I paid which was pretty cheap) This brings me to my question. In the box there was a large bottle of Wicked Transparent Base Paint. I have done a lot of reading and did not see anyone discuss using a transparent base coat. Everyone seemed to just use a basic White base coat. Is this necessary or have any real value to a wooden lure? Even though it is listed as a "Base" would it be a bad idea to put this on after painting prior to the clear coat? or is that just a waste? There was also 2 other bottles I was curious about. Wicked UV Glow Base and Wicked UV Glow White Base. From some research it seems these are to make things glow under Black light so my guess would be these are useless for lure painting? One final question, and I apologize as I have not read too much about this but will research more, what is a decent clear coat? Is it best to dip as I have seen in videos like Marling Baits, or to spray or paint on a clear coat? Thanks again, look forward to completing my first bait from wooden block to fully painted, clear coat and hardware.
  11. This is such a great breakdown with just enough detail. I too just got into making my own wooden baits. Not sure where you are located but look at Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. I was able to get a Belt sander (only needed the pads) for $25 and a bandsaw (with a new blade) for $50. Of course you need to inspect what you are getting but it can save you a ton of money.
  12. Hello! Let me start by saying I really admire what everyone here does. I have been doing quite a bit of research before diving it but finally decided to give it a go. I am not looking to sell and make a lot of money or anything along those lines, maybe years from now when I have experience. This is going to just be for myself as a hobby and a slow process. Over time I want to accumulate the tools needed to actually make my own baits from wood. But that is for another day when I can afford all of the tools. I've decided to jump into air brushing baits to start. I think this will be a perfect hobby for fall and especially winter. My overall budget to go All In and get going is about $400-$500. I am leaning to purchasing this kit on Amazon - https://smile.amazon.com/Eclipse-Airbrush-Master-Compressor-Cleaning/dp/B001BO4X8Y?pf_rd_p=387d50eb-83f8-4221-a708-8a1575a4a151&pd_rd_wg=ifSi6&pf_rd_r=MGMWE8AJQS7HK2YB4B3T&ref_=pd_gw_cr_simh&pd_rd_w=SfPnF&pd_rd_r=fb2ee916-940c-48e6-9731-4bcca8780c5f It seems like a solid starter kit to get me going so I can learn the ins and outs. I was then going to purchase a bunch of the cheapest knock off lures I could find, again all for practice. I know that I am going to be bad for awhile until I get some experience. Anyone have thoughts on this kit? I know it has an IWATA Eclipse which I've read on here is an excellent brush for the money. Is there anything else I should purchase to get started or should this kit hold me over for now? Anything I should look into in the near future? Thank you so much!
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