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  1. Hello! First thank you for all of the incredible information here. I picked up making my own custom lures as a hobby this winter and really fell in love with it more than anticipated. Just picked up a used Lee Lead pot! No more random Terminal tackle haha. I really enjoy crafting and coming up with something super unique. With every batch (about 3-4 I do at a time) I learn and see big improvements from the last. One thing that I have been struggling with is seeing Grain imperfections even though I will have it as smooth as possible with 400 grit paper. I have been sealing with Super Thin Super Glue and giving it another light sanding but when I paint so many imperfections some through. I am looking to get that super smooth glass like surface to paint on, I've seen it on so many incredible custom lures. After a lot of reading there was some great advice to do a 2/3 Etex, Alcohol mix as a seal and undercoat. This works well however takes a long time on the turner to cure. I was reading about Solarez and decided to give the POLYESTER UV-CURE GRAIN SEALER a try. I just got the small bottle the other day and did a quick test on a piece of scrap wood. Dug my fingernail into it, made some other marks to see how it would perform. I was really impressed. 2 light coats, a super light sand and it was super smooth. I was not able to get a coat of paint on it yet to see if it really hides the imperfections. Anyone else use this product as an undercoat and sealer? Any tips or tricks? I know it says do a thin coat and basically “Squeegee” off excess, however that isn’t possible with lures or non flat surfaces. Anyone have some recommendations? I mainly use Basswood and Pine as they are both cheapest and easiest to come by for me. One last question, I recently tried carving some fins and gills into a swim bait I was making. When I seal the bait I am worried this will seal it flat and take away all of my work. Should I just use a basic polyurethane to seal this wood or will a really light Super Glue or Solarez do the trick? Thanks in advance,
  2. Sounds like an impressive lure. Although look at it this way you ahve a great structure on making the same thing just reduce the overall scale. Any pics???
  3. I agree for the most part. Createx especially the pearls I thin down. Wicked I do not need to thin down the Detail colors, however the regular Wicked Line I will very sightly thin, like 90/10 ratio. I also agree color matters as some are thicker/thinner then others.
  4. Yup understand where you are coming from that buying new and repainting is too expensive. I was going by when you said "I always just planned to get good enough to paint some patterns that match the hatch at my lake...and buy the "expensive" blanks and replace my current collection with my custom painted blanks. " replacing your current collection with blanks custom painted, I was just saying you could always just repaint the ones you were going to replace, no extra money needed Then buy super cheap blanks to just practice and get better at painting. I know very little about blanks, only been in the game for about 3-4 months. But i choose to go with the carving and crafting from wood just as a fun hobby. I bought the cheapest blanks I could find on Amazon to practice painting.
  5. You can always jsut repaint the current collection of lures you have that you trust the action on. If you really like the 6th sense and rapala, jsut repaint those to match the hatch locally. Takes all the question of blank quality out of it. Just my thoughts
  6. Careful though it turns rock hard instantly
  7. I do the super glue and baking soda for my weights, it seals it like a rock
  8. Hello, Was curious who is going to be pre ordering or buying the new Createx 4050 Clear Coat. From some reading they are trying to compete with KBS as a new dip and hang clear coat that is super shelf stable and can be stored like paint. If the end result is as good as KBS with that ability, that would be incredible IMO Also was curious everyone thoughts on the Createx Candy 2o paints. I have an opportunity to get 5-6 slightly used bottles pretty cheap but did not know how they preform or what the general thoughts were. I currently use Createx paints, have to reduce the pearls, and Wicked Detail, these I do not reduce. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Im excited to give etex a try, only got the 8oz pack to experiment. May get a pint of KBS Diamond next
  10. I just got some Etex to try out on my Bassswood Cranks. I have a slow turning motor to dry. Since you put 3-5 coats, how long do you wait in-between each coat? do you wait the full 24-48 hours or just until it is set after a few hours. Thanks!
  11. Check out FB Marketplace! I found one on there for only $20. Couldn't beat it just needed some TLC and it works as good as new. 4x36in belt and 8in disk
  12. Chonch12


    haha Nate from Marling Baits caught Bass using a Block of wood... let alone the other crazy things he has made to catch Bass. I would think it's more for the fisherman but hey whatever gives someone confidence and works
  13. Chonch12


    I am newer to this but my 2 cents is buy quality. I was practicing with garbage paints that came as a "free sample" with my IWATA and was getting very frustrated. I purchased some high quality Createx and Wicked paints and it was really night and day. I cannot give you much advice on brands other than those 2 (wicked is made by createx) but like I said just make sure you get something of quality or you will be frustrated quickly like I was.
  14. What is crazy is what some will pay for a real Rapula bait just repainted. That blows my mind. I don't know why more people do not just repaint, knowing the quality is so high and the name brand is there for backing
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