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  1. Because the wood that i used have high density (around 550gr/cm3). So total of ballast only 1.6gr :). if i reduce ballast. The tail of the lure will heavyer than head of lure. The lure will be not wobble, just fall down. The lure is 5cmx0.5mmx1.5cm(height). I think that, reduce the thickness to 3mm will make more action.
  2. megamind437

    Mini Rat-L-Trap

    Great idea. How about lure action?
  3. Thank you a lot. Mr. Mark. What action do you think better?
  4. I also make a sinking lure with Dave&Mark theory. The size of lure was 1.1cm(H) x 7cm (L), thickness is 0.5cm only, all side of lure is flat. Total ballast is 1gr 1. If i put all 1gr/1.3gr to the bottom-->no wobbling 2. 0.4 gr on bottom an rising 0.6gr up --> litte wobbling 3. 0.6 gr on bottom and 0.4gr up--> good woobling but just start wobbling after 2-3 secons (see in below video) I think that : a, the thickness of lure also effected to wooble action. b, if the ballast weight too heavy or to light also make lure stop wobbling Note: i hope that every one can understand my crazy English. lol
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