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  1. Thanks for the follow-up! I'm curious to learn with you on this one!
  2. Congrats all! There were definitely some excellent baits in this year's competition. New ideas to try, new standards to strive for...
  3. Big Epp

    carving and foiling2.jpg

    That's a great idea!
  4. Yes, this is a definitely a subjective analysis. I enjoyed seeing the different lures in action though. I don't really use jerkbaits a lot, though I've caught some nice fish with them from time to time.
  5. I've been working on some jerbaits (think rapala or smithwick jerkbait), and have been working on getting the action I want from the lures. I found this video today, and really appreciated the view of different jerkbait actions.
  6. I often make bass-sized baits (4" or less). I haven't done any lipped muskie/pike baits yet, so if that's your aim I can't vouch for this technique. I also haven't put the line-tie in a lip yet, always in the lure body. I often just use superglue. I've used a variety of brands and have had pretty good success. I haven't had any problems with lips coming out or loosening up. I've taken a few lips out of baits, and they always take wood with them and basically bust things up. One way I've done it is to use thick super glue (even the gel stuff) and fill the lip slot as described above
  7. Big Epp

    carving and foiling2.jpg

    Nice work. Did you carve the scales in the foil?
  8. Just put a square driver bit through the base of my right index fingernail while rebuilding a swinging bench frame... might slow me down a bit. I have 3 different lipless cranks almost ready for paint though, and i'm excited to get them in the water! They are all under 3" and cut from basswood scraps from a CO2 race-car project kids are working on at school. @exx1976, I've heard house hunting can be a bear...good luck!
  9. Big Epp


    Huh, this is really cool! CNC machining is really interesting, and the skill-set to be able to manufacture this stuff in response to a need is really solid! Way cool man, way cool!
  10. Big Epp


    I've never done any plastic stuff, but this looks like you made your own plastisol injector, am I right?
  11. Always fun to hear what folks are working on. And I agree, the contest is a great way to see some really cool projects and get some inspiration! I've got several gift lures I'm trying to finish up, painting and detailing, adjusting weights, etc... I also finished a mouse wake-bait. I haven't done something like it, and I was super excited to find it works great! I set out a line last week while I was building a deck and a catfish took the bait and wrapped it around some underwater trees... no dice.
  12. My thoughts as well... there are some really cool custom rods on here though. I might try one at some point. I don't have any experience with painting reels, so this is sort of a test. I used airbrush paints and a clear coat over them. I'm curious to see how the paint holds up!
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