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  1. 5lb smallmouth is pretty good! I've only caught one that big, and it was up in Canada. No idea what the answer is to your question, but that's a nice fish
  2. First lure I ever made was with my grandpa. I still have it too! It's a little bass-o-reno style plug. He showed me how to do the shaping and sanding and then he painted it black, installed hardware, and gave me the finished product. I once caught around 20 pike (small ones) in one go with it. They were hitting the surface like crazy, and the only way I could get it to work how they liked it was to wrap the wire leader around the front hook. Kind of weird, but it's what they were after. I have since retired the lure and have it hanging up in my shop. My most successful lure I made
  3. So much good info already! Check out this video for a solid looking through-wire method. I think it lines up with what @eastman03 is talking about: A bandsaw is super helpful! I was able to pick one up on Craigslist for $20. They don't typically go that cheap, but don't think you can't find one if you look long enough. As for making and cutting lips, what thicknesses and materials do you all prefer? I know there's going to be a difference from a bass bait to a muskie bait. What thickness polycarbonate can be cut with snips?
  4. Big Epp

    The Maniac Perch

    I can totally relate, I never thought myself very artistic until I started making and painting baits. I am very excited to get started with an airbrush!
  5. Big Epp

    The Maniac Perch

    Not perfect, but the bait looks great! It's amazing how much information is on this site. So many people have so much experience. I've learned a bunch over the last couple years. My next jump is going to be into using an airbrush, as the finish is just so much higher quality looking. Did you airbrush this?
  6. Hey all, I'm hoping to start selling some of my lures. I just opened a shop on Etsy, but thought I'd reach out for some tips from some of you who have more experience with this... What sort of things have you found to be helpful when selling baits?
  7. LurePartsOnline has molds that look like this. Is that where you got them?
  8. Big Epp

    PB European Perch

    A very nice perch indeed! I think the best I've taken was up in Canada, probably only around 9 inches. Looks like it was a successful kayak trip!
  9. Big Epp

    Fat Pike

    Nice fish! That's a beast.
  10. Big Epp

    The Maniac Perch

    Looks great, very bright colors! Nice foil work too.
  11. Big Epp

    Screw Eyes

    Alright, alright, so sometimes I'm afraid of what I'm not familiar with... Thanks for all the reassurance, now I can turn off the nightlight
  12. I'm working on some jointed baits, and got to thinking, what style of joint do you prefer? What do you think is strongest? I usually do a double twist wire. Also considering through-wire construction for strength, what style joint would you use for heavy hitters like muskie?
  13. Big Epp


    I love the Christmas theme. Most of the gifts I gave this past Christmas were lures I'd made.
  14. Big Epp

    Screw Eyes

    I'm going to try and use some of this to reinforce the neck on a mouse lure I'm working on. It's a little thinner than I'd like, so I'm hoping the steel reinforced epoxy will strengthen it up. I used a through-wire for the mouse, but I'll use the epoxy to fill remaining holes and keep everything together. Reading the warnings and fine print it looks like that stuff is pretty caustic. I've never used it before, but am a bit hesitant.
  15. Big Epp


    How's the action on this bait?
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