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  1. Bare essentials: knife, superglue, pencil, hook hangers. Google "Doc Lures." He has a beginners course that is free, and goes over some great basics for luremaking. I've done a lure with as little as a knife, paper clips, and superglue+baking soda. There are so many different tips, tricks, and techniques to it. Starting basic will help develop the fundamental skills, and then you can build from there to simplify. Doc's stuff can be found here: https://woodenlureworkshop.com/ and much of the material can be accessed with a free account. I found this guy's site before I found tackleunderground, and it helped me quite a bit with getting started.
  2. Big Epp

    Unknown bait

    I love the color pattern. Sometimes it's best to look a little like a lot of things!
  3. There's a ton of good info here, I'm glad to hear your son's excited about this. It's a really fun hobby!
  4. Big Epp

    Cedar Gliders.jpg

    These are 3" glide baits made of cedar. When I first took them to a pond to test the action (after sealing the wood, but before clear coating it) a bass came up and smacked one of them. I figured if the wood look was good enough for a fish, it's good enough for me. They are the same blanks, just flipped. It's really interesting how the actions are different. One is smoother on a straight retrieve, the other has a better glide action when jerked subtly. You can see the lead holes; there's 1/4 oz. of lead in each hole.
  5. Big Epp

    Raw Cedar 1.jpg

  6. Big Epp

    Raw Cedar 2.jpg

  7. Big Epp


    These look really sharp! Are all these baits (and the ones in the other pictures) printed?
  8. Big Epp


    Pac Man eyes?! Nice!
  9. Big Epp

    6” deep diver

    I love the look of natural wood. It's really amazing how some of the grain patterns look with a clear coat on them.
  10. Big Epp


    Very interesting shape. How's the action on it?
  11. You make jigs and stuff too?! Dang man, these look great. We got a ton of rain last week, and I tried fishing over the weekend. I used a all white chatterbait I found last year and had a great time with it. Do you fish chatterbaits a lot?
  12. Big Epp

    Feather and Flash Football

    Looks great man, might be dynamite with smallies!
  13. Great Idea Mark. There's not much in fishing that beats a topwater strike! And the uncertainty of it just makes it that much more exciting. I caught my first muskie (40") fishing a Storm Chug Bug for bass over a reef. At first I thought it was the biggest bass ever! What angle do you like for a wake bait? It looks like it's just about 5 degrees short of 90. Any advice here would be appreciated...
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